Boobs, cucks and so much more!

I was going to say this yesterday. But I forgot! Catherine Kreener, a green eyed lovely actress – and OLDER LADY – my, so RAVISHING! – most people have hardly heard about (I can hear you guys Googling NOW, hehe) … such a Queen and Goddess!

I saw a movie of hers last night, and I instantly knew I’ve seen this lady somewhere.

My subconscious mind is normally pretty damn good at bringing back names and faces and where I knew them (I just heard Pooja Ma’am outside!) … pretty quickly, but for some reason, and I’ve tried damn hard – I cannot remember in which movie I FIRST saw this lady!

She usually plays supporting roles, she’s damn good at them too!

And I cannot for the life of me remember the first movie in which I saw her, I wish I could, I dont know why I wish I could, I just wish I could, but last night, as she “hypnotized” (rather silly scene, hehe, would never happen on yours truly) some guy for nefarious purposes in a movie, as soon as she sat down, feet up, I didnt even see the feet – my!

Older ladies, and boobs – and CUCKS!

Those huge floppy boobs, often saggy – SUCH a TURN ON, especially with the bulging protruding BELLIES!

“Aunties” as some call them in the sub continent, to me they’re Goddesses anyway!

Every time I hear a sigh of discontent from a woman about gaining weight, I think about this, and mentally say thank you to her for being such a Queen and Goddess! She DESERVES IT.

And best part about being a cuck in all this?

Well, the more I deny myself, the more any real sissy and cuck does, you focus on the boobs more, you WANT THEM, and the ladies know it, and they’re not shy about showing them to you either, because they know there is no “danger”!

Pooja Memsahib … she’ll sit casually like a man, legs splayed out, that blouse STRAINING at the end, tummy out, she KNOWS I’m looking at her belly, she loves the worship!

(and so she SHOULD. no need to be embarrassed, Ma’am, the opposite, you’re such a perfect QUEEN!!!!!!!!!)

Ditto for the older Indian maid I write so much about, ditto for the older ladies in the PARK … such Queens and Goddesses these Indian ladies can be, tummies hanging!

So – NICE!

I guess this should be on the site but I put it here, I dont know why …

Anyway, that is so lovely!

And I’m out.


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up some sizzling hot stories on Indian femdom right HERE.

PS #2 – More on Catherine Kreener, initially Catherine Tramell, Basic Instinct Femme Fatale NO-ONE can forget came to mind ,hehe, then  Basic Instinct Two, then I racked my brain furiously. Still can’t place it. Ma’am, I’m SO sorry. hehe…

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