Why Mike Watson remains AHEAD of the pack …

I always HAVE been!

And this may seem to be an email where I’m bragging, but I’m not. Hehe.

Maybe it comes across to some that way, but it really isn’t, it is more me telling you YOU TOO can do it – if you just, as a certain Paula said “follow the leader” and do what Mike Watson says.

Which is … but before the sales pitch – yes, even this short email WILL have one, hehe –

Every time I get on Twitter, or talk to people, I look idly at the conversation, most of which I dont reply to.

but every time I do, I get this feeling – isn’t this bloody obvious!

I also get the feeling of “I’ve known this for years” – when I have!

“all My batchmates are interested in aunties and older women!” goes one young girl.

Well, Madam, with good reason – I’ve spoken so much about worshipping older ladies!

Even AGED ladies – and I’m sure someday people in general will pick up on that too, but it’s going in the right direction!

Despite what men – so called straight and “we’re noooooooooooooot into fetish” men jive about “he only likes married women that have popped three kids out” – the truth is this – if any of those gorgeous ladies would come to THESE men, they’d shoot loads right there in their pants thinking about it.



The more people diss something, the more people privately either want or crave it, so they should – with good reason!

Then, this –

“if he can do all the housework, marry him!”

I had to retweet that one.

Madam, well said!

Then, the whole coming out about sexuality thing, pretty much what I’ve been doing all my life … politics or none.

And so forth.

Not putting people into labels, or desires into brackets, because guess what, its always shades of grey, never X and Y or black and white .  .  .

I suppose thats why they call me the “Real Mc Coy of femdom” – and thats why I get the results I do, and so can YOU, my friend – if we get back to it – as Paula said – FOLLOW my lead.

Simply nodding the head wont rock the boat, my friend (not me – thats Mark Twain).

You have to actually DO.

Simply reading these emails wont accomplish much.

You have to BUY the manuals – and books.

And to attract femdom to you like MOTHS To a flame – invest in the best and only book of it’s kind out there NOW.

Go HERE to do it.

And do it NOW.


Mike Watson

PS – Again, this is the link. Do it NOW, my friend. Every minute wasted is postponing the inevitable, you know well you WANT it, you NEED it, you CRAVE it, you desire it … RED HOT!

Just do it!

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