The passion those LONG dresses arouse, the emphasis on the FEET!

Long dresses – some of the most dominating and financially DOMINANT Goddesses (of course!) – love ’em!

For a long time, I couldn’t quite get it.

Those lovely Chinese girls, those long legs, why would I prefer long dresses. Hehe.

But Princess Joanie, as has been said in the book drummed it in SO!

“Then buy me a dress… boy!”

Those words ring out today as clearly and dominantly, matter of fact as the entire book is – and it should be, it’s pure FACT! – as she said it that day in 2018.

I remember SHAKING WITH LUST the entire day, unable to focus on even my erotica writing (though I finally did get some done).


Choosing that dress, buying it, then buying more, then sending her messages with my hands shaking …

“You’re polite!”

What she meant was I a simp. Hehe.

When I asked her if that was OK …

“I like very much!”

And she loved every bit of it, she was SO cunning, so nice, from the get go, my penis is leaking THINKING OF HER! MY!!!!!!!!!!

Same thing with the Japanese Goddess I’ve been simping to SO!

She is SUCH A QUEEN, another Joanie, right down to the foot poses, exactly the same as in Cuck Central (the cover) one of them!

And, exactly the same as Joanie’s on the cover of Cuckold compilations!

Truly, these ladies make my sissy LOINS QUIVER – so!


And anyway, long dresses?

I dont know, the Indian “maid” – or so she seems I saw today?

Slim girl, long dress, talking to a guy when she was supposed to be on duty for THIS Indian Queen I’ve written about . . .

And something caught my eye as she smiled at me, walking back to the stop where she was standing … that long DRESS!

Those lovely brown legs, the FEET so visible!

Ma’am, Paye LAgu!


And I’d lick the dust off her soles, YES!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up some great books on Indian Femdom HERE.

PS #2 – And yes, long dresses tantalize, so do short, but the long ones put more emphasis on wondering how the legs look, and the SOLES, since the legs are all covered, so it should be. Different brand of “tantalizing” – as it should. Ma’am, Paye Lagu! I’d kiss each toe SO REVERENTLY!

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