Why does social media have such a problem with … FEET!

Maybe they’re starting to catch on to the power of the foot – the sole – and DOMINATION and submission and how it’s such a sexy, powerful ALLURING fetish a LOT of people, more than you’d think have!

Or maybe not, maybe its just more of companies acting foolishly before then shutting down eventually.

I keep hearing about it.

Sites first get big by allowing people to do stuff – like post porn etc, once they do, they ban those same people from them (thereby depriving the artists of an income stream – yes, it’s an art!!) – and then either go big for a while and then bust, or just sink anyway.

The fallacy of thinking “I’m too big” . . . and cannot be touched, has brought MANY a large oak tree down for one . . .

Then you have social media.

A Madam from Tokyo, just SUCH A GODDESS, and I’ve written about her before was complaining about being banned on a Reddit thread because “they thought she posted pictures of her bare soles with underwear on”.

I looked, it was a nice pictures, soles as LUSCIOUS And broad and Madam as dominant as ever, I love it when she doesnt even show her face – every day girl, as I told her, makes it even better (though some shots do sort of show her).

But the picture was soles with dress sexily between legs, but thats it, no big deal, she got banned.


I replied to her saying “Reddit is full of idiots”.

And it is. Social media in general is too, Twitter is a bit better on these things though.

Now, yours truly got banned on Instagram too last year, or before that – again, same thing. All we did was post pictures of soles, that was deemed “against policy”.

I asked why.

No reply – and thats fine. I’ve got a long history of being banned off these idiotic social media platforms, and dont particularly care, as my incomes streams are NOT dependent on them – and as I’ve told people repeatedly – the power and value of having more than ONE income stream cannot be oveestimated.

And this is but one proof of that truism.

Anyway …

The Chinese, and Asians in general KNOW the power of the sole, the female soles, girls in general KNOW instinctively how their feet and soles are SO erotic, even from a non BDSM standpoint – maybe thats why they’re so coy – or not – about showing them!

That knowing giggle…

And maybe thats why my best femdom experiences have been, and continue to be with Asian ladies, specifically those from mainland China.

And if you want to learn how I do it in terms of attracting pure, unadulterated FEMDOM into my life on a daily basis – SO erotic all day – well, learn by grabbing the course right HERE.

And that is that for now.

Back soon!



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