Business FIRST, boy!

So, I was watching a Bruce Willis flick – a recent one, I believe,  I dont know why (not particularly a Willis fan) I wanted to see it, but I did, and I put my other evening “tasks” on hold for now.

Shortly into it, my headphones conked out, so I’m sitting here writing to you NOW . . . about?

Well, the movie is about corrupt cops, and a female witness to a murder a cop commits – but my headphones gave out, but not before the femme fatale (the killer cop) walks on the scene in a forest to meet with her lover – cum – drug dealer “partner”.

He’s kissing her as soon as she enters the car!

She’s full lipped, pretty hot, but the UNIFORM is what does it.

“Back off”, she giggles. “BUSINESS FIRST!” 

But she’s still smiling.

Dude’s like “you know I can’t resist you in that uniform

And ladys like … giggling.

Then comes the twist where dude admits he couldn’t pony up what is required, Madam lets him HAVE IT.

“It’s YOUR job to push this stuff!” (drugs basically). 

Arguments ensue, and she finds out he’s been recording her on the sly.

She gets mad, he tosses the coke in her face, and then takes off – and she shoots him.

But not before he begs her forgiveness, and begs to her to reconsider – he’ll get her the remaining money he owes her next month he said.

Tough month and what not.

You’d think being long term partners the cop would listen, but she didnt.

Now, what does this completely fictional as far as I know movie have to do with the site HERE?

Well, it’s exactly how any true fin domina or professional lady into femdom – or ladies in general behave!



And then anything else…

I remember once wishing my significant other a happy birthday (or maybe anniversary) – and her reply?

“Where’s my gift”.



And Money.

Like Madam Venus and money, they go together, as the domination does too, I can just imagine the dude dropping to his knees – polishing her immaculate boots while apologizing.


Madam sure is TOUGH. Hehe.

And thats the moral of this one.

Back to it soon!


Mike Watson

PS – To read about full fledged domination in China – REAL tales of both findom and femdom – the two go together, do they not?hehe – go HERE.

PPS – This lady in the movie was a classic example of NOT having to show any skin to be SEXY as hell! I saw two Indian ladies this afternoon, FULLY decked out, right down to their “jootis” – and they were SO SEXY, both Madam’s! Reminded me of a certain Ushna Shah

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