Why her SOLE should truly be the center of ALL ATTENTION for male subs, sissies and FOOTBOYS!

Simple answer – because we’re footboys – subs – and sissies, NOT necessarily in that order!

Long answer – … well, first off, lots of people have asked me why I include “just soles” on the cover of my books.

Why I dont include the face as everyone else does.

Well, often times I do!

Some of the books have JUST FACE.

But mostly, and this is a vibe thing which only true femdom lovers will understand (if you dont – you’re not truly a male submissive) – her SOLE occupies most of the page, the focus is always on her FOOT!

One of the most popular emails (other than the Indian Goddess emails I send out) on the website is this one –Talk to her soles, not HER, boy! 

Madam Susan taught me what I know from childhood SO WELL!

And it ties into why I love giantesses – Profound Poses – into EVERYTHING I do!

I so love that giant FOOT!

And when you make the foot the focus, the sole – other than the obvious (Servants, submissiveness etc) – it truly makes her SOLE the Center of all attraction!

You’re pressing it, she flexes her toes playfully – boing – goes your dong, caged or not – it’s TALKING to you!

If she moves, on her stomach, lying down, you see the sole in that position!

A true servant’s place is UNDER Madam’s feet, not necessarily just at it.

A truism taught SO OFTEN in the book ” A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the chinese mainland!

(which you really need to get NOW if you’re a true male submissive or even female, every real submissive should have this sitting on their mantelpiece – – in fact, this book works to attract EVERYTHING you want in your life if you simply apply the principles right!).

And thats exactly what Madam Pearl did with me – so naturally!

All chronicled so well in Submissive Musings in Mainland China – Volume ONe.

There’s two more volumes there, equally a turn on, but the first one will always remember special if just because after reading it, and giving it a super review Madam Paula even called me “Prince Mike”.


That one got me.

But not really. It didnt. Carol, when I used to call her a Queen would often call me her King – even when I was under her soles. Hehe.

I still remember that giggle, KNOWING GIGGLE!

“Why you like my foot!” 

She knows why, till this date. she always did!

Women and their sixth sense, so damn SEXY!

And I’m out.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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