Ma’am, can I go to Japan to meet you?

I actually asked Madam if I could take her out to dinner. Hehe.

Of course, just dinner, nothing else!

And she could order everything she wanted.

I’d just be happy with – nay, I’d just WANT – her foot dirt – GRIT – and her toejam!

And, I’d be happy kneeling at her feet as she ate, thats how much of a Queen and Goddess she is, as I was lying there thinking of other Queens – specifically an older lady with RED talons, hehe – I met her at the reception desk of the hotel I was staying at for a couple of nights before flying out of China (to Hong Kong) – as the airport came to mind, as me sitting there pretty much alone in a wing of HKIA came to mind … a sunny afternoon, MADAM came to mind!

Wait a minute, WHO?

Well, she could be the queen featured on the login page of the site – hehe. Sorry, logins only for purchasing customers! ?

But she’s not her, though she could be.

She’s a Japanese Goddess with a mind every bit as delightfully naughty and sexy as HER!

She’s a Queen that posts pictures of her sitting on the subway.

“Ma’am that reminds me of all the times I used to travel from Hong Kong to China, trying not to stare at the barefooted girls on the way, there were so many! Hehe”. 

I did that once a month.

With her sitting there, it would take all my self control to even go the first 1/4 of the journey which I usually did by subway. Hehe.

Then, her going down the subway stairs, sole shot again!

“Ma’am, I’d fall down the stairs trying to lick the dirt off!”

She’s that perfect, her MIND too which is the most important!

Then, Madam sitting on the beach showing soles, and giggling and agreeing I’m so pathetic for cumming in pant, as I wrote about yesterday to that sole shot, grimy with sand, but so NICE!

Ma’am, I’d just beg to massage your soles all day, be slapped with them, have them on my FACE!

Quite literally her toe jam, her foot dirt, I’d happily scrunch that all day – and perhaps her toenails too!

Miss Krystal made me do that all the time – as you guys have read about, I’m sure! (and if you haven’t, you SHOULD!)

But back to this Japanese queen.

I’ve never been to Japan, maybe I’ll go someday – just for HER!

Just to be publicly humiliated in the supermarket – she’s sitting in the drinks section with shoes off!

She could be another Princess Joanie – RIGHT Down to the white shoes, and the POSES Princess Joanie struck!

And she KNOWS what footboys want – big time. Hehe.

THAT is what I love the most, her mind – as I did with Princess Joanie!

Anyway – this is a bit of an ode to her. I just had to!

I’m sure there will be more.

But that’ll do it for this one!!

Back sooon!


Mike Watson

PS – Ma’am, you’re so NICE!

And hence, all my femdom related books – check ’em out NOW.

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