Why I’m not a huge, or at all believer in the “small feet are beautiful!” thinking in China (in general!)

I have BIG feet – STRONG FEET!

Not elegant, boy!

I just sent out that email yet again. Hehe.

But as I do that, I’m struck by another pair of soles I saw – Japanese, these I believe, and a lovely lady who as I wrote about before even agreed how “pathetic” I was for cumming in pant upon looking at soles, and nothing else (or you know what. Hehe).

“Yes, pathetic!”

She’s so nice!

😂But anyway … China, and the small foot fetish?

Or, the foot binding fetish wherein womens feet were bound into impossibly tiny shapes – PAINFUL shapes – the bones of the foot were broken at a very tender age (OUCH!) – and they never developed properly after that …

… I call it a fetish, but it’s actually reality in China many years ago – pre “1940’s as it were” when it was finally, thankfully OUTLAWED!

Apparently this was done to make womens feet look more womanly, prettier – but I call BS on that – the feet were RANK – and not in a good way, since they were bound in cloth their entire life pretty much, and since the lack of medical care to the bones of the foot (post breaking) meant the feet developed in a horribly grotesque manner which no-one could find “beautiful”.

No accounting for taste, I suppose – but you get my drift, my friend.

To me, I really think it was done so women couldnt step out of the house – and stayed “bound” to the kitchen as it were, hobbling around the house (it was hard enough to even walk with feet like that, believe me, when your toes are bent under the sole from a young age – it’s just horrible!)

Anyway ………

Much like the fair skin fetish in China i.e. anyone with darker skin is a “peasant” or what not – this is yet another one of those things that has literally been drummed into the minds of people.

Carol, that lovely girl I write about so much in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” always told me about her “small feet”.

And how the girls at foot massage kept complimenting her on her feet…

To me?

It’s always, as it always is – not about looks, or size, or how big or narrow or long her feet are – or how fat or slim she is, or anything else – it’s always first and foremost about her mind!

I’ve said it so many times, I’ll say it again.

take the mind away, you have NOTHING left – nothing meaningful.

The right mind can make the broadest of soles appear the most beautiful – or the most ugly – depending upon!

And femdom, and fetish in general is ALWAYS about the mind.

Small feet have driven me INSANE with lust – so have broad – and long soles!

Same thing for ass, penis, and what not.

It’s about the MIND – first and foremost.

Communication is a close brother there as well – it truly DOES rule the nation (proper CONVERSATION that is).

And last, but not least, this small feet thing, yet more “unreasonable standards” for females to live up to, I think – and feel – much like the “too fat” nonsense, or “she’s too old to get married” rubbish – and so forth.

WAY too many of those standards that men aren’t bound to, but women are.


And THAT is truly pathetic. Hehe.

I’m sure if you’re a true femdom lover reading this, or even just someone that can think LOGICALLY – you’d agree!

Thats that for now.

Back soon.


Mike Watson

PS – ALL my Chinese femdom books – and books in general – embody the spirit above and then some. Get you some NOW!

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