The outline his PENIS makes in his pants. . . ?

Ma’am, it’s so SEXY! And this is one of those emails where the “PS” wrote itself first!

Ma’am, I wrote about this before – this could be yet another sissy confession, never enough!

And Ma’am … Ma’am, I feel so SISSY!

I just saw a guy on Twitter, black, well built, and he was saying something about “get me out of New Orleans”. I’ve no idea why Twitter showed me that (I do, actually!) – but his abs, body, well built, but I looked past it all without a second thought or did I?

Ma’m, my initial thought was to check his PACKAGE OUT!

but it did not seem like that sort of post.

It wasn’t either, but then I looked, and damn, Ma’am, there is such a LONG outline in his sweat pants!


The head is almost “outlined” too because it’s one of those tight sweatpants!

Same thing for a huge guy I saw the other day (not black) … in underwear only. I thought it was an underwear only ad, but it wasnt, of course.

“To peel these off”, he wrote… 

The rest I’ll leave up to your imagination but he was a bodybuilder of sorts, so BIG, so SMOOTH, that TUMMY so sexy!

I so wanted to kiss both those tummies, Ma’am! All sissies LOVE IT!

Ma’am, the outline their dongs made were SOOOOOOO Sexy!

And just looking at them makes me shiver with lust.

Ma’am, I know I wrote Sissy Central, the definitive guide for all sissies in this regard, and Penis Central, in exactly that same vein – and Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots . . .

but every time I look at a penis, it’s NEW!

I feel so ENTHUSED, I feel so MOTIVATED, I feel so INSPIRED by penis – and your soles!

And Ma’am, as I kneel before you, craven in my utter and absolute devotion, you in your dominance, we both know THAT is what it’s all about!

Cock and feet, boy!

Feet … and cock.

Feet … and COCK!

The most natural progression ever, Ma’am, and I so love it, thank you SO MUCH FOR GIVING ME The opportunity!


Mike Watson

PS – To read about CRAVEN odes to one of the most dominating and arrogant Indian women you’ll EVER – I repeat, ever – be lucky enough to meet, if even that – go HERE.

PS #2 – Sissygasm Central is turning HEADS – and puckering BUTTHOLES – puns intended as we speak, it’s by far the best course (or ONLY course) of it’s kind EVER written. Get this now, truly bliss x 1000000 like youve never felt before, YES, for alpha males too!

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