The 5 pairs of feet I saw .. today!

Been an interesting and rather busy “tech” day today – I have not even emailed as much as I should !
Well, I’ve emailed, but I have not WRITTEN as much as I normally do.
Anyway, feet! And me – and cock. Hehe.
The first pair – Pooja Memsahib … JI!’s!
That alone should tell you a lot why I was surreptiously craning my neck to take a look even as she pulled her feet up after the so those precious jewel like feet wouldn’t get dirty!
Her “mehendi” Is STILL ON! MY!??
Paye Lagu, Madam JI!
Then earlier this afternoon, I saw two Indian ladies, maybe one chinese, I dont know, or maybe from the North East.
One a maid with black feet – nice feet – cleaning a front gate!
And two, a lady walking by in shorts and flip flops. Fair feet, completely so!!
Four, I saw a girl I see everyday standing around smoking – I think with a cuck, hehe – and her feet were so nice too!
I’ve not spoken to her – as yet. TO DO!
And five, in the park, an older Indian lady in shorts walking around in flip flops.
Well my friend, I dont know why I Felt compelled to tell you this?
Maybe because women are all such Queens and Goddesses!
And maybe thats why the Serving an Indian Goddess series, along with my books on Chinese femdom continue to be SO popular…
And maybe because it’s all about feet – and COCK!
Like feet, long penis is all so NICE!
Muah! I wont even get into some of the simping I did today in that regard.
OK, I’m out.
Back soon!
Mike Watson
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