Let me know!

Some penis heads are always up … hehe.

But this isn’t so much about fetish as it is FINANCES – yours, my friend.

We’ve been noticing (especially since our last “Twitter only” offer) two things –

One, a HUGE influx of hits to the website(s) which we’re currently upgrading with new hardware so YOU can have a better experience while purchasing without slowdowns etc.

This is obviously good news – great news, to be honest.

And two, LOTS of you that weren’t able to access the site while it was down went to Amazon / Google and bought a LOT of products (not to mention Lulu – we’re on there too) there which is great too!

But remember, I’d love to REWARD all of you regular purchasers (those that do).

But you have to GET BACK TO ME in order for me to do so! COMMUNICATION is key, my friend…I can only reward you if I KNOW who you are!

We have so many products that you still want, and for those of you that have bought repeatedly in the past – PLEASE email me back with some reviews at spicyanderoticfetish@gmail.com – or email me anyway! – and I’ll be giving you a special discount off your next purchase, just to reward you for being a repeat purchaser, and a Spicy and Erotic Fetish “faithful” as it were.

Additionally, get back to me with MORE on what products YOU want to see next – I’ve got my own list, but I want to know what YOU think as that matters more.

Last, but not least, remember – get back to me, and let me know which product you want to get next – all cashapp / other “direct” orders will get a flat 25% discount if you get back to me via email (and if you’re a repeat purchaser).

We can’t do discount etc on Amazon, but we sure can on our own site(s)!

So thats that for now.

Let me know – get back to me!


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