“By the Time he’s back up; YOU will be back up!”

It is interesting …

Ever since I put out that special offer for my Twitter followers, we’ve been getting hit by SO many people (on the site) that the site keeps going intermittently down.

Thats great news, of course – more hits, more business – ROLLING in as we speak (type).

And I’m upgrading server specs again as we speak, the more I do it, the happier I feel, for obvious reasons.

Last night, a guy wrote to me about how the site was down when he was awake (he’s on the opposite side of the world) – when I was sleeping.

Right NOW, I thought this.

“by the time he’s back up, you’ll be back up!”

And if you’re reading this on the site, it likely is back up.

But it brings to my mind of my favorite cuckold duties – other than clean up and worship during SEX . . .


Master Jerome, him with that long thick black weapon of his, believe me, once he was done – sometimes it took a while for him to get back up again!

I’d be sucking away, and I’d be tonguing the glans, I’d be FURIOUSLY doing all I could to make him moan with pleasure again, but sometimes, for men, it takes a while no matter what!

Especially after that sex he gave Su and those ORGASMS, just pumping out that much cum – that penis was TIRED!

The glans would stare at me irritably as you would a servant …

“Dont wake me up NOW, boy!”

With attitude.

He’d often SMACK me on the BACK of the head as would Su in that most humiliating manner, they’d then laugh and giggle.

Now, with him one of the tricks I used to get him hard again?

Licking his lovely rosebud.

I don’t care how tired the penis is, lick his ass right enough times, really go deep with your tongue, he’ll get hard again!

And the BALLS, I really focused on the balls, his nipples (Master was open enough to the joys of nipple play, most men aren’t) … and his feet, toes, I’d really suck on his toes, between them …until he started moaning in pleasure, and THEN I’d get to his dong again!

Which was ‘hard’ for me, I so wanted the dong alone!


But my own penis would stay hard throughout!

The very act of worshipping, submission, whether to a man or women does it for me, even “in between”.

And us sissies know WELL the feeling of staying hard ALL night – even better than studs, hehe, NO stimulus required when we see cock and feet in front of us!

And the joys of cuckolding, and how it turns us on and so forth …

Literally no better pleasure, is there?

And that pleasure is covered – and brought to you so well in Cuckold Compilations (https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/cuckold-compilations ), and all my other books, and the book above is a GREAT start to your day – or night – or whatever it is wherever you are.

It’s Princess Joanie’s feet on the cover, rightfully so. (https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/princess-joanie )

You’ll stay hard throughout and may CUM while reading it too.

Pinky promise, pun intended!



PS – This “came out like a poem” when emailing much

like sissygasms do, so natural!


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