Ma’am, can I kiss your ass a 108 times?

Oh my!

I dont know why, but the ancient Hindus regarded “108” as a divine number, and to be honest, I get it – the numbers add up to “9” which is (if you believe in numbers, the spiritual, and I DO – not to mention I believe in living in the flow, the Universe constantly talking to me – and you too – and similar thoughts transmuting and so forth) …

.. a lot of the ancient Hindu affirmations and chants were done 108 times too.

Now, whether or not you believe in that number – or any number – or beads, chains, amulets to “ward off bad luck” and so forth is NOT the point here.

Personally, I’m of the bent of mind, as Claude Bristol said in the Magic of Believing that it isn’t so much about the thing, as the BELIEF behind it.

A cracked mirror as he rightly says will only bring you bad luck if you BELIEVE it will, else by itself its just another “thing”.

Personally, for me I believe in a lot of these “beliefs” – for instance, “scattering tea leaves ACCIDENTALLY” brings you good luck – but only because if I have to believe in something, I’d rather it be something good so I attract more good (so a lot of the stuff like people believe is bad I actually believe is good i.e. glass breaking, for instance – – and good happens!).

As I see my wife lying there, bitchy and arrogant as ever, that lovely ASS up for “view” – never a grab, hehe, only her lover does that! – I so want to kiss it, lick it, as she gets even bitchier!

“Ma’am, can I kiss it 108 times”? 

I didnt ask her, but I’m sure she would agree and smack me each time on the head as I did it!

Her ass crack, her asshole, so pungent, always worshippable, so HUMILIATING, so NICE!


She does too!

Same thing for cock heads, same thing for the only affirmations I truly believe in – INCREDIBLY powerful femdom affirmations that just work, and attract femdom to YOU like never before!

But remember, they only work if you DO the thing, and UNDERSTAND how they work – and that is detailed in my book “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China“.

Simply repeating affirmations by themselves do NOT Work.

I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again, just writing down “I am rich”, “I have money” – when you dont – or “I have women wanting to dominate me” – or whatever – will NOT work without the right mental pictures behind them, in fact for most people these affirmations despite what the self help clowns tell you should be AVOIDED – big time – they have OPPOSITE results from what is intended!

Changing the words around helps – but again, the mental pictures and BELIEF (and then faith to back it up) is really  what works magic.

As well as understanding and accepting who you are, coming to terms with your deepest, darkest desires and fantasies – to make them REALITY. (so long as they’re SSC, of course).

Well, my friend, that is that.

Maybe I’ll recite those same affirmations as I lick and stick my tongue in – and smooch Rachna Ma’ams asshole, she’s such a Queen and Goddess, odes to her HERE.

And … if you want to attract femdom to you on auto pilot, willy nilly, well you know what to do and which books to get,.

Not like you didnt before, hehe (this is aimed at a lot of you that just read but then do nothing).

Back soon.



PS – Ass Worship 101 is a must if you’re either INTO ass worshipping – or BEING rimmed as a top or dom – or (pun intended, mmmm!) “in between”. Hehe. In between is often best, this book is being translated into Portugese too I believe as we “speak”! Hehe. And with good reason, trust me, those tips in the book, much like those in Ballbusting 101 are tips NEVER seen anywhere else, neither will they ever be. From the Real Mc Coy of Femdom, yours truly, you’re truly MISSING out if you dont get these NOW.

PS #2 – Humiliation afficiandos, get Princess Joanie inspired “Humiliation Central” now. (and of course the BOOK too).

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