How Madam Carrie locked my poor little PENIS up, and so she SHOULD!

I watched a great video (with Madam giggling away) of a sissy, and she was really so feminine, right down to the stockings and curve of her feet – muah! ?? – with a butt plug in, one of those vibrating ones.


Penis locked.

Chastity, and the penis was bent backwards too, and of course, she was WRITHING IN PLEASURE – Sissygasms will do that!

And, as she spurted, that seed ran down her black stockings, she moved her ass in ECTASY – oh – MY! I so wanted to LICK IT UP, never ending stream of SEMEN, true sissy style! 

Just so bloody erotic, so sexy …

Truly bliss x 10 – which NEVER STOPS if done right, truly, sissy males will understand what women feel like in terms of “never ending orgasms” once they get on the train – and if you’re dom, well, believe me, YOU can get YOUR OWN pleasure magnified x 100 with these techniques in the book above!

But this isn’t a promo for Sissygasm Central although it should be, hehe, since most sissies can and should have their dongs locked up – they’re useless anyway, they leak, and they only stay hard looking at Madam’s feet and other men’s COCKS!

And they’re useless in terms of lasting power.

I should know. Muah! and i so LOVE IT. ?

I’ve spoken about the manifold benefits of chastity before, have I not?

ONLY MALE CHASTITY, not female – female chastity does NOT work!

Anyway – on that note?

Here is an awesome (Again, by Paula) review on Madam Carrie – Volume One.


Mike really likes Carrie, but she only loves money, so she tricks him into extorting
money. Mike must stay by her side by force, rather than out of sexual desire and
wear a chastity belt.

Mike’s submission is forced by the circumstances of having to survive. Carrie turns
him on a lot, although there will be no sex. She agrees to oral anal and vaginal sex,
performed by Mike.

Male chastity belts are a kind of cage with a padlock in which the penis is locked and
the key is given to the person to whom submission is due. In this way, the wearer
cannot have erections nor, obviously, have sex, masturbate or have orgasms.

Although most men writhe in pain just thinking about it, there are those who also
writhe, but with excitement. Wearing a chastity belt can be pleasurable and
satisfying. There are people who claim that orgasm deprivation increases sexual
desire and improves concentration. Of course, it is also an incentive in a
dominance/submission relationship, in which the dominant person can punish his
slave by depriving him not only of intercourse, but of orgasm.

These types of practices are not casual and usually change the life of the submissive
and suppose a great responsibility for whoever has the key to the belt. A man
wearing a chastity belt will feel some discomfort and in cases where the device is
not properly positioned or is faulty, it could lead to serious injury. If that happens, the
key holder has to be able to take it away immediately.

Learning to use it and sleeping with it on was quite an experience. The first time was
with the CB-3000 model and I wore it for a whole day. You have to get used to it.

That night I couldn’t sleep a wink, so I took it off and waited a bit. It’s normal to have
erections when you sleep, but these devices are made to prevent you from having
them, so in the morning you wake up and have to concentrate to get it down. At first
I didn’t know how. I tried cold showers until I realized that peeing was enough.

The part of not being able to cum, of feeling like you’re giving up something. You like
the idea of someone having some control over you. It excites him, for example, to
be ordered to wear a certain garment. Let them decide for you. He remembers that
when he was in high school, he liked to wear high tops, like Converse, because the
feeling of having the ankle tight was like a very mild form of bondage. Also, you could
wear them daily and feel turned on without people knowing.

Good submissive reading!

I truly love how she puts things. Hehe and no prizes for guessing if a man wrote the italicized part or not!


I should kiss Madam’s feet for how well she’s put the “no orgasms part”, how she correctly mentions the “increased focus” etc … it’s only sissygasms possible with locked cocks as it should be! 

(And ruined orgasms, of course. ?) (speaking of which Daniela – where ARE You? Hehe. I haven’t heard from her in a while ; she did such a superlative job translating this into Spanish…) (and “16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations that will attract femdom to YOU like moths to a flame” and a couple of others!!)

Shes spot on about the safety part as well. As about the part that if the penis is locked up, neither does Madam have to deal with it not lasting – she can go about finding other lovers, as she should (by the way, a certain Indian lady posted something I’ll detail below) be! … and, get plenty of oral – which men are too reluctant most of the time to give as opposed to RECIEVE – NOT ON! … and keep the man horny and unsatiated at the same time which has so many benefits!

There’s more, and I’ll tell you what I replied to Paula with.

But first..

Why don’t women speak about sex publicly? Why don’t women initiate sex in intimate relationships? Why do women stay in sexless and Or sexually abusive relationships? Send opinions here or in DM, shall be quoted in a story I am doing. RT for good karma.

Name withheld, but Ma’am is so right, as a certain “Muskan Ma’am” is who could be using the same computer as me! (more on that lady later).

(but she’s a queen and Goddess!)

The “good woman” myth so many have bought into, not to mention the “its’ mens preferences that matter”. So NOT true, so UNEXCITING, really, if it’s about the woman in that sense, it’s about both. Anyway, JMO … hehe.

Personally, sexually aggressive and confident females to have always been a massive turn on. I dont know if male ego in general is “not fragile” enough to take that tho.


That, of course was yours truly, now for what I Told Paula –

“Locking the penis” – indeed one of the most ultimate forms of control ever.

Think about it, NO woman would have to worry about her man ever cheating on her if she did that, hehe. Its sad (to me, at any rate) that it used to be reality for WOMEN back in the day where men would lock them up “so they wouldn’t cheat” (when in reality the male of the species is SO much more unfaithful in general if you think about it – dont get me wrong, both men and women cheat, but the reasons are often different (though that doesnt make it right for either)).

Anyway, GREAT review as always, and thank you again, so much appreciated!

And, it IS a great review, thank you, Madam. I should kiss your feet for it too. HEhe.

Because it’s so TRUE, thats the main thing!

Anyway, I think enough said on that one?

Get Madam Carrie – the book, I mean, hehe – NOW.

You – the real femdom lover – will LOVE IT.


Mike Watson

PS – And literally, Paula never fails to dazzle me – ASTOUND me – with the level of dedication she has to her WORK – and the INTEREST she has in this topic! (submission, domination etc).

It comes from within. From the heart. I can so tell!

That CB-3000 review was obviously not from “her” as I wrote.

But …

Yes, it was an interview with a boy. I made it for you.

That is just so nice, and why?

Well, first off – what I told her –

Hi Paula,

Again – THANK YOU! That is so nice of you to, as you say, “go the extra mile” and interview the dude so you can put in the review – that truly shows you “care” about both your work and the subject – so thank you – much appreciated!

I assume you must be knowing people into BDSM in “real life” as well … hehe? Just curious – if I may ask, of course! I know your own interest in “geisha training” etc, so I guess from a male standpoint, it wouldn’t be that hard to find submissive males to ask about chastity etc…

Enjoy your weekend Paula – its great talking to you – as always!


Mike Watson

And second?

She did it without asking, without even telling me in the review – I could well have assumed it was a “general review” she pasted and I would not have held that against her either, because she was reviewing the book, not the device.

She went the extra mile – so much so without being asked.

And I am eternally grateful to you for doing so, Paula!

THAT is the spirit!

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