Laid back cocksucking and more …

A couple of points in no random order –

First, the words people use most commonly “the bad words” – has it ever struck YOU, the reader, or listener that these are the things a lot of people secretly not only want – but CRAVE?

What do we CRAVE, Clarise? That which we see everyday in front of us (but cannot get was the implication – cannot get until… he GETS IT! – and, that everyday “seeing in front of us” making the craving BUILD)… ” goes Hannibal in Silence of the Lambs… Hehe.

That CRAVING, oddly enough is the key to GETTING what you want – including femdom – if you do it right. if you THINK right.

But words like “faggot”, “sissy”, “cocksucker”

A lot of these guys using it as slurs?

You’d be amazed to know how much it turns them on in the bedroom. Hehe.

I’ve never called those words, I’d love to!

Ass licking though is something a certain “Bozo Schofield” once called me out on for “licking friends asses”.

Actually, not me, we dont know each other – he said that for my fitness friend. Hehe. Which my friend of course never did, but the Bozo was being the Bozo, trolling like a complete fool (really, what idiot pays to be outed repeatedly despite NOT wanting to be, so he says! Go figure!) …

Come to think of it, the Bozo himself, we’ve been over this, a certain Josie and so many other ladies that blocked him know it, his ass licking and other fantasies he was too scared to “man up to”. Hehe.

But second thing …

The language in which I write is bare bones, brutal, and it gets the job done.

Most importantly?

As I keep saying “reality mixed in with a dab of creative license” not the other way around – for my BOOKS – and for manuals, it’s 100% plus PROOF reality!

And it just (the tips etc) flat out WORKS!

Ass licking, eh Glyn. (or Mr Hyde, I should say, hehe. )

Here is an email I got this morning –

Hello. I’m truly interested in the content of the book and, of course, in translating it to Brazilian Portuguese. I’m Lucas, a native Brazilian and Freelance translator. I’m a major in Portuguese and English. I believe I can reach the “laid back” language of the book in my native language. Message me.

I’m sure he’ll do a great job as well, so I’ve accepted his proposal, but look at the BOLDED part.

Yes, laid back.

It is often, usually, always, and the great Dr Maxwell Maltz said this in Pyscho Cybernetics in the part about “training without pressure” when we RELAX – when we’re at our best.

Think about your BEST results in life.

Did they come by STRAINING ultra hard and so forth?

Maybe if you ran a marathon yes.

But other times, creatively, that spark, that idea you get, that “in the flow” feeling you wake up with that it WILL be a great day and it is (usually after hard slog before that) … it comes when you’re RELAXED.

It truly is when you’re relaxed that the inner you emerges.

Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots and Penis Central, perhaps the two books that exemplify it the most, but really, all my writing does!

All those 20,000 plus words I POUNDED out in a day “relaxed” do..

Back to penis?

It’s so nice, relaxing and sexy to let go and SERVE!

Slowly slob on the penis, like a certain guy just roughly ordered me (his penis is so nicely shaped to the SIDE! Muah!) …

“Show me your, bitch!”

“Id like for you to suck me like this!” (a video I retweeted about a girl SMOOCHING a penis head so nicely like I love to do!)

I so want to call him Master. Hehe. I asked him if he could call me “puta”! Heh.

Quieres tu vitamina! 

Hehe. So he said, Master “Jama” …

(I’m your vitamin! I’ll give it to you anytime you want it!)

And from that sexy penis head, I’d take it all day!

In all my holes!

But anyway, it’s all about being relaxed, doing your best work when NOT under pressure, and cock sucking is no different.

Sure, when it’s crunch time – the BEST get going and deliver exceptionally under pressure, but even then, the training for that is done without pressure, so when pressure cooker time comes, to them they relax and say “so what if we dont deliver, just do your best” – and they usually DO do their best! (results wise too).

And I liked the way this dude who wants to translate Ass Worship 101 said it about laid back language. Hehe.

And that, friend is that.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Your brutal approach to what you truly WANT – and crave – might get you blocked too. A sexy dude I wrote about the other day did just that, maybe he was too embarrassed, the way I praised him up and down! Hehe.

SO be it. But really, it was a compliment, he’s missing out… Hehe. So be it again.

Same attitude I have if you dont get these books I listed above.

You’re truly missing out if you DON’T.

So be it..

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