“Id let him suck if he covered his face” ?

A long time ago, I was talking to a friend when I was 19.

NOT Rueben, whose cock I so lovingly sucked as I’ve mentioned before!

But another guy, a tall black dude.

We were talking to a girl. And the topic of blowjobs came up.

And my friend was talking about getting some, and … or I dont know, maybe me getting some, I Cannot remember what “sexy dst” her “MSN name” (remember MSN messenger back in the day, Madam Maria? Hehe, I’ll always remember your photo in PINK, Jie Jie!) was saying or if she brought it up, maybe he was asking her about giving him a BJ or something.

But then he made the comment.

“I’d let a guy suck me if it was dark and I couldn’t see his face”.

She asked why.


I said nothing (wisely).

(and, even at that age, there is a reason those comments followed me! Hehe).

(no, I didnt suck his dick either).

But we still chat…

Anyway, as I was flirting with a certain Ayush, who makes me feel SO faggotty – so much so that when girls dont add his wechat, I feel sad! (isnt it surprising how many guys get jealous when girls add other mens’s wechats?? I mean I remember a certain Bozo Schofield pestering my friend into fitness, a real male specimen and STUD – bonafide STUD – about “how many girls added your wechat” today, like dude, who cares.

He does, of course, with that micro dick of course…

Which a lady just messaged me about.

Micro dicks make me SNORT. 

Yes Ma’am… ?

Anyway, as I was giving ? to this sexy stud and saying those lips are for when there’s no girls around and he’s so horny, just wants his cock sucked (and I ravished praise on his beautiful penis HEAD, the SLIT, the pee hole – OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) *he makes me soooooooooooooooooooo weak!* …

… as I did all this I remembered what my buddy said.

And he’s right in a way. Hehe.

Guys do have this tendency to suck dick sometimes even better than girls – minus the bitching (if she doesnt really like it!).

And sometimes, there is NO reciprocation required, and that makes it all the better!

It reminds me of a sissy meme I saw – here it is – well, I can’t find it NOW!

Let me look again – Found another great one tho I put on Twitter…

Ah here it is! I knew it would be there on the Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots page, hehe.

This salami is oh, SO NICE!Muah! It’s so PROUD, standing up! Muah! ? yes, she’s gooning. So she should! Such a nice DONG!

It was something along the lines of (for those that cannot see the meme) – your girlfriend wants this, that, etc, etc yada , nada, schnada, SHE (sissy) just wants to pleasure you and suck your dick!

And every guy knows that makes it SO WORTH IT. Hehe.

A hole to use, as I want to be for Master Ayush, maybe I will someday. He’s so nice, as he posts a picture of “someone” waking up an absolutely gorgeous Arab lady, dick sliding in so nicely. My wife often asked me to do that, all I could do was lick her ass and soles!

But thats OK. We all have a purpose, thats mine! Hehe.


And that dick, that dong, where was I?

He’s so NICE!

And therefore, I sent him the lips.

Men often suck cock a lot better, we’re so into it, some of us! Hehe. Plus, it’s only men that know what men REALLY want, eh.

And those of you cock suckers that REALLY want to attract cock to you, that are always on Twitter etc trying to find some, but can’t ever – and those that love gloryholes, but are scared to bring the inner you out?

Well, along with the book linked above – Penis Central is what you need to FEAST on right NOW.

Truly, these two books will turn you into the BEST damn cock sucker around, period (or cock worshipper in general).

And thats that!

Best ,

Mike Watson

PS – Apply NOW if you want to be outed forever, in the most humiliating manners possible (NO limits, hehe) like Bozo Glyn Schofield in Brum.

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