That long SOLID – LOG – emerging!

Ma’am, Paye Lagu!

Master, PLEASE!

Perhaps no other (despite me NOT being into scat per se!) lady personifies my UTTER, true and COMPLETE CRAVEN!!! devotion to her like Pooja Memsahib..JI! – who literally made me not just love and enjoy something I never wanted to initially, but did because I was SO CRAVEN – and still AM in my devotion to Ma’am – but also CRAVE IT!

Worshipping her dump – indeed!

Looking at it as it came out … deciding what state her lovely fat stomach was in, the kidney beans “rajma” that often came through UNDIGESTED, PLOOP!

And the SPLASH her solid logs made as they hit the toilet water – in comparison to Priyanka in Serving an Indian Goddess, with her, the ass licking in the morning made her go, but her digestion was always a bit off!

Now, Mistress Dana – and THIS guy – would make for some pretty good reading if you’re into scat! There is PLENTY more on the site too if you do a search, or Google (if you do Google, google spicyanderoticfetish first and then the topic) …

As well as this idiot –

I mean, really, dude … you clearly have NO idea what real domination is all about, neither have you ever done it on “either end” as a sub, or a dom!

But anyway, why do I write about this?

I wasn’t even going to write anything after I sent that last email out, but then ..

PS – In response to the “The sheer INTOXICATING POWER her SOLE(S) – and his (long and sexy) DONG have!” email I just sent out, a certain “Akash Roy” (presumably from India??) who has been sending me emails GALORE over the past few days – and I was thinking of replying to him “dude, just buy the books – you’ll get all you want!” – but didnt because he wasn’t even sending his messages right (I mean dude, at least take some time out to WRITE a proper email!) – sent me this.

“I want scat!”

Now, I dont know why he replied to that email with “scat”, but combined with a mental picture of scat I’ve been having (in a completely unrelated, non fetish, icky sort of regard) – it’s interesting – thoughts do indeed transmute!

In a manner you might not expect, and my (finally I reply!) response to him –

Hi Akash,

Glad to see you’re enjoying the emails! For scat, and what is probably my MOST blase and debase book ever (with more to come) the “Pooja Memsahib…JI!” series will be RIGHT UP your alley.

You can get it here –

As well as some of the emails I’ve sent out in the past about it – I’m sure you’ve seen ’em!

They ain’t “nutting” compared to whats in the books though, so get ’em now – Volume Three on the way too!


Mike Watson

And that, pally is that.

Except, maybe it’s not.

This morning, I was having thoughts like I said about scat – and cleaning it up – a real life situation that occured once years ago in 2016, I think – or perhaps 2015 (yeah, the latter) – COMPLETELY non fetish related, I repeat, completely non fetish related.

But it’s all related!

TRUE and real fetish is REAL LIFE ,which is why I keep carping on REAL LIFE femdom, those things that happen daily we internalize, and so CRAVE, we see them daily, we CRAVE it (like a certain Hannibal Lecter told Clarise, hehe – like yours truly tells YOU about my books i.e. they’re there – these emails make you CRAVE them – and you WANT them – and then you GET THEM!) …


I wont get into specifics, but picture this.

You’re eating chinese food, maybe any food, a girl is eating with you, then as she eats, without knowing it, a huge MASSIVE log … she goes right there, without knowing – or for YOU, the reader, perhaps knowingly!

And of course, sitting there, yours truly, and the lovely “wife” … a huge UGH from the latter, me, nothing …

No prizes for guessing who cleaned it up. Maybe you’ll get one if you guess right! Hehe.

But the HOW was what I was thinking  – how did “she” clean it up …

Then I remembered, or maybe not.

Think about it – right in the living room – luckily NOT on the sofa or carpet. HEhe.

On the floor, perfectly shaped…

Catching it as it emerged in a paper bag, maybe?

Or cleaning it up later with a cloth…  (I think thats how it was finally wiped up!!)

… Eww, you might think, but if you’re THAT mesmerized by her (and this was another future GODDESS!) – then you’ll love that too ,and crave it!

And thats why Ass Worship 101 is a MUST to read for all of you – not just that, but also the Pooja Memsahib ..JI! series, and the Indian Goddess series.

For some reason, the scat has only been featured in my Indian femdom books, but plenty of ass worship in the Chinese femdom books too!

With Pooja Memsahib … JI! looking at that turd coming out, staring at her poo, the smell, all of it … the COLORS of the water as it floated, all of that was “normal” beyond a point.

What REALLY did it was the shrine she made me erect, not just to her, but her POO!

And that, my friends is truly the icing on the cake – pun intended, or maybe not. Hehe.

Get the book NOW!


Mike Watson

PS – Remember that utter fool and loser (and troll) “Bozo Schofield” who pays to be outed every month?

Well, this guy (ugh, what a menace! I’ve spoken SO much about him before) – apparently got so drunk once that he walked into a classful of kids (he was supposed to be doing the dancing monkey thing) – and literally took a huge dump – right there in class – “as he sat on the seat” half drunk and stoned out of his mind.

My friend sent me some pictures of the credit card he was using to do his drugs. Ugh!

Really, what a LOSER! Even most into ESL aren’t anywhere near that much of a fool, though the industry in general attracts Bozos…

But he’d probably love reading this, and cleaning up too. Hehe.

I knew there was more to the story when he claimed some other girl he knows “took a dump in class”. I couldn’t see her doing that – really. But Glyn, definitely. UGH!

And really, the way people try to HIDE their fetishes and fantasies, the way Glyn once so vociferously said “NO!” “How can I be into that” (when we were discussing normal fetish) – I KNEW he was into it. HEhe. The guilt shineth through!

Same thing for scat, except he couldn’t admit he wanted to see her take a dump, so he trolled her over it. Ugh. What a menace and lunatic this dude, really.

You’ll hear all about this in tomorrow’s email – stay tuned.

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