The ladies I saw relaxing in China as I walked by in the hot afternoon…

It’s one of those memories that will remain with me forever, pretty much like my Sin City memoirs (a great read, by the way!).

And as I was talking to perfect Madam Gaby this morning – there’s another piece on her by the way, she’s just so gorgeous and nice, especially her one word “not really curt”, but “to the point” replies. hehe – she was talking about she went to the nail salon, how the conversation around her was so ?  “girl, drop him, he’s not worth the pain!” – how Madam should go more often …

Of course, I loved that post! ?

Any lovely sissy loves girl talk!

Madam, girl talk is SO nice – even when it isn’t – the gossip, I went.

And then of course I had to ask her what color nailpolish she used!

I have often done that even in non fetish settings – much to the “amusement” of some – but those that get it, especially ladies – they “got it” – and didnt mind.

Bright pink, I still remember a “Mrs L” posting on a politics related forum of all things … Hehe.

Some of the guys trolled me for asking about that – the same guys who’d go insane with lust if that lady ever touched them with her lovely hands – which she wouldn’t. Hehe.

Either way ………  Gaby?

“RED” was her response.

The color of passion, along with hot pink – bright red – one of my FAVORITES!

And … then I had to ask her if she used it on her feet too!

“Of course!”

So nice, so “matter of fact”, the “boy” wasn’t there, maybe it will someday. We’ll see. Hehe.

But anyway, point of all this …

Nail salons?

In China they’re a dime a dozen, and I often passed by them walking around my apartment complex where Taiwanese and Chinese ladies would be resting, feet up on comfortable stools (not unlike the setting mentioned in Sin city Diaries, except somewhat smaller and more open – certainly no hanky panky) – and on their phones, getting their lovely, beautiful FEET tended to!

And their hands, they relaxed as the massage workers worked on them …

Girls tend to relax MORE when other girls work on them, as opposed to guys.


It’s a different vibe, girls serving girls… the way these lovely ladies react to each other.

All of it was so nice to see!

I tried not to stare as I walked past.

But sometimes, I couldn’t help it

I dont think the ladies cared too much though. Hehe.

Nail salons – just so NICE!


And thats the sissy tale for now – or perhaps confession numero … ah, I forget. Maybe over 26 now, hehe. I’ll ask Megan!

In the meantime, remember – some of the HOTTEST ?Sissy Confessions – or notes – or memoirs – what have you – whatever you call it – are right HERE – Sissy Confessions.

Pick this up now – and read it with Penis Central.

You’ll NEVER look at sex or anything sexual the same way again. Guranteed, hehe.


Mike Watson

PS – The Indian lady I met has been on my MIND ever since yesterday!

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