His THICK, CREAMY SEMEN – and his magnificent THICK dong – will turn you into a CUCK – even if you aren’t one NOW!

Such is the power of that lovely dong, my friend – and this is one of the posts where I could simply put a video, and that would speak a bazillion words.

Maybe I will put it in here later, but as you read the below, remember, my Twitter following has already seen this video – with my gushing ODES to it – several times!

The other day, I downloaded the clip again, too nice not to!

Background for this one also is – I’ve been chatting with a certain Jassy, one of the by far more gorgeous Chinese women I’ve been associated with, just drop dead gorgeous and an admitted selfie queen – though I dont like the latter type, with her?

I just like to call myself “President of the Jassy Fan Club”. Hehe. She’s THAT gorgeous!

And – I still remember the first time she took a picture of us together, the internet was going crazy saying “these two look like a couple”.

We had just met that day, and we wouldn’t have really met if I had not noticed Madam while doing my daily hike, even then, I scurried up the hill as is my wont (fitness!) – and she made it up slower, but I kinda waited for her on the way down, and well, history was … made in that regard, I suppose.

But the lovely penis!

Picture this.

A thick sort of guy, with one of those sexy bellies that isn’t really fat, but certainly not a slim six pack either, but KISSABLE, and succulent, PERT nipples – standing with strong thighs spread in front of the bathroom mirror, a lovely THICK dong completely HARD, so hard it’s bursting out of its skin almost – the PURPLE head staring at you!


He pumps a little.

Then he lets out some gigantic moans – so sexy!

And without touching, he BLASTS – what a BLAST from that cannon like PENIS!

Its just lovely, a thing of art!

And – best part?

His dong, framed SO NICELY by the pubes around it, triangular shaped, so NICE and dense the shape – it’s so nice I’m going to go watch it NOW again after writing this – stays ROCK hard, straining even after the second blast.

Now, that was his version of a ruined orgasm – which isn’t fully ruined.

With a TRUE ruined orgasm, I keep telling people, there should be no blast.

Most people stop AT the point of no return, which is a SEMI ruined orgasm.

a TRUE ruined orgasm means your semen should DRIBBLE out – NOT BLAST, not even once, because that first blast is pleasurable, admittedly the rest of it is frustrating, but a real ruined orgasm  means ruined, NO pleasure.

Different from a sissygasm as well, sissygasms are pleasure x 10000 like you’ve NEVER felt before, but the “release” of semen is different almost like pissing cum out – loads of it.

And they are PLEASURABLE – intensely so – ruined orgasms – do NOT involve the P Spot, unless you bring it into play externally.

But thats a story for another time …

BUt a lot of guys get confused over what a true ruined orgasm is, how to have it done, or self adminster it, so I thought I’d tell you.

And, I’d LOVE to see this guy with Jassy, or some other sexy girl, going at it!

Even if I wasn’t cuckolded I’d beg to suck his penis, it’s so sexy!

In fact the other day I was looking at it from the perspective of “not cuck” – but then I decided looking at a dong like that – and you know, when he came – he used a paper towel to wipe it up – I was so SAD! – that cum should have been in mouth – and it dripped so HOT, STEAMILY and JUICILY, THICK!- from the paper towel that I could almost smell it! 

SO THICK! Like Pudding, almost, yum.

I’m off to look at it now, goggle, wish I was slobbing on that penis head, kissing his stomach, licking his nipples, massaging his lovely balls, and most of all, NOSE deep in pubes!

Penis is so NICE, so wonderful! As is servicing the MEN with those penises – another lovely thing I love? Servicing men via their nipples, hearing them MOAN in pleasure …

And thats why Penis Central was written – to talk about HOW you can salivate – and then SERVE – as each of those types of penises DESERVES – PENIS, penis, and PENIS!

That, and Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots – another SIZZLER – BONER – in that regard!

Alright, enough of this.

The three (or more) courses you need to get in that regard are linked above.

Get them now.


Mike Watson

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