Dominating women, and their lovely BARE upper arms…

It’s another common theme!

And their bare arms are so nice I could probably write a tome on it, and put it in Profound Poses – Volume Two – the poses keep growing by the day on that one!

Volume One was of course very well received, if you have not got it as yet – then rectify this MISTAKE, and get it NOW!

Anyway ..

Other than feet, that lovely direct stare, the confidence oozing and dripping from the voice, and … the eyes projecting that CANNOT hide dominating vibe… bare upper arms and shoulders seem to be SO common to a lot of these lovely ladies!

Republican Majorie Taylor Greene for one – her politics aside, as I was watching her make a point today – I couldn’t help but just goggle at the lady again – she’s GORGEOUS!

Older, gorgeous – DOMINANT!

It’s so clearly obvious to those who can spot it – a mile away – like me. hehe. I can FEEL IT!

And those lovely bare upper arms as Madam made a point … OH MY!


Or, could be an Indian lady I saw the other day – at a school bus stop or something, my wife scornfully informed me she was “a boxing coach”.

Boxing coach?

Well, she had meaty upper arms and shoulders, yes, and was walking around in a nightgown in the middle of the afternoon – in public – a lot of Indian ladies tend to do that! Hehe.  (I wrote an email on that before, I’m trying to find it now, basically a Madam that woke up sleepily at 1 PM in the afternoon, shouted something from her balcony, went lazily back inside .. to sleep, I’m sure. So NICE! So LAZY, so NICE!) ..

..but boxing coach?

That big stomach didnt look like it, but that doesn’t’ mean she wasn’t dominating – right down to her lovely feet clad in slippers!

Then this lady I spoke to this morning who was talking about something that required money.

“I have no money!”

That cute little voice rang out on the phone, so sexy, so DOMINANT!

Madam, you’re so NICE, I could NOT help but GUSH!

And I’m sure she’s got bare upper arms too today! Hehe.

Anyway ………

Thats the point for this one.

Pick up some femdom books if you have not already, you will LOVE ’em.


Mike Watson

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