Sincere request to ALL ⚠⚠⚠

Please read this CAREFULLY. Again – this needs to be read CAREFULLY, with much ATTENTION. ⚠

Dear ALL ⚠⚠
This is being sent out to everyone, and it’s a sincere request to all.
Lots of you are on the list, and never have any intention of buying anything – it is clearly evident.
However, sending these emails out costs us money – this is the best stuff out there, but we can only sustain it if YOU support us. 
Most of you aren’t – I hate to say it. but it’s true.
This email doesnt apply if you’re a current customer, or have bought from us in the past, or have some GENUINE INTENTION of doing so anytime soon (please be HONEST on that one, most are NOT).
If you fall into the “I want it for free, but I’m not spending any money” – or some of you think “Why can’t it be for free” or “no money” anytime someone asks you for one red cent, well, all I can say is your loss, and your choice to make that loss. . .
But from our end, IF you fall into that category do unsubscribe, please dont make me delete you manually.
Thank you!  (please dont get back with sob stories about the economy and so forth, or “too busy” nonsense – y’all know my thoughts on all that, please just be honest and take action either way).
I dont think that is too much to ask either way … Let me know!
Mike Watson

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