I so LOVE seeing Sophia Ma’am HAPPY!

Well, my friend, you’ll want to read THIS link first. This was supposed to go in as a PS, but it didnt, and it ended up pretty long, so I thought I’d make it a seperate link.

So READ it first, and then – well, bear in mind as you read this – I just so LOVE making and seeing Sophia Ma’am happy with her many men, taking their money, and being a royal bitch which she so naturally is! 


Enjoy –

PS – More on how Madam Sophia got her husband to hand over his bank card which he wasn’t before?

Well, she’s been bitching about her job. I’ve been telling her to quit it like forever, I keep telling her she has a husband, take his money!

She wouldn’t thus far, but she finally LISTENED to me. Hehe. And I’m so glad she did, an “always busy with work she hates” Sophia is NOT a fun Sophia! Hehe.

If she had no choice, I’d understand, but her husband is a cuck, and …

Here is what she yelled at him –

“Wage card, or DIVORCE!”

She might as well have said boy. HEhe.

He capitulated. Gave her the password.

“If she loves you, she will take your money!” 

As Ma’am told me (actually she said she’ll CONTROL YOUR MONEY. Hehe. I so want her to do that with MY bank account, we’re working on it. Hehe).

And then it happened. Never would have if money wasn’t in the picture of course, which I suspected, and I was right.

What a NICE GIRL! Is what I told her.


And she is!

More nice girls and MONEY – in Submissive Musings!

PS #2 – A link above tells you why Ma’am should be on the cover of Cuck Central, not Princess Joanie

EVen if that link wasnt there, well, she’s the sort that believes men CANNOT Cheat, if they do, it’s wrong, but women do it “only for emotion” and “it’s OK”.


What can I say.

Mike is LUCKY! Hehe. Currently she’s using me to get residency in a certain foreign land and I’m so happy. Hehe.

But, I’m happiest because she finally took my other advice too, I keep telling her to have MORE SEX!

And she finally did with her husband.

Now, the stud from Turkey is next. I so LOVE seeing Ma’am happy!

This could probably be a seperate post?

Maybe I’ll make into one now.

There! I just did…


Mike Watson

PS #2 – (for this email, hehe) – I keep telling Sophia to become a real findomina. She’s so good at humiliating men NATURALLY, she’ll make TONS Of moolah doing so!


Anyway – if YOU are looking to turn your wife into such a woman – or girlfriend – or significant other – that will leave you LEAKING in a constant state of ECTASY like yours truly – get Cuck Central NOW.

And thats that. Back soon!

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