Daddy, do call me BABY! Muah! ????

Sissies love that!

I Think we also love to be called many other things. Hehe.

But as I saw THIS on Twitter from someone, a guy in decent shape, probably older, but dominating as hell, and a penis that is lovely, curved up (I cover the type in Penis Central, my most favorite penises are that way!!) – in the picture, it was flaccid, but the HEAD so prominent. Oh MY! And the SHAFT so thick and nice, one thick vein running up and down it, Master is hairy, but not so much so, sparse pubes, stomaach sexy as hell – I almost CAME LOADS LOOKING!

He posted this –

Make me hard. Make me moan. But always make me cum. Who’s first?

And to that I had one thing to say.

“Please call me baby, sir!”

And I’d literally paint my lips x times the color he likes to suck that cock! 

More than Daddy calling me bitch, slut or what not, more than Madam calling me gay, all those things, more than the HUMILIATION, and the laughter which really does it – Baby?

It feels so nice, especially as he’s caressing my head and long hair as I suck him, he moans, getting hard, or if he’s already hard, giving him MORE pleasure!

Baby feels just so nice and feminine, like Daddy were to put me on his lap to take me “cowgirl” … so nice!

And confronted with a dong, a sexy one, and dominant MEN, I just want to be called that.


And thats that for now, baby … Pick up the PREMIER course for sissies and faggots right HERE – Sissy Central (by far the most popular around here).

Back soon!



PS – I swear, he’s so sexy, his nipples, his dong, his lovely flat STOMACH, I’d kiss him all over! Muah! ??

And I’ll always remember Jeremy crooning …

“You’re good at this, man!”

… Baby! Hehe.

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