Cuckie questions, and more!

Ma’am, is his dick big?

Ma’am, did you see his penis?

Ma’am, can I see too – and of course, share!

All question that are cuckold manna from heaven for any real cuckold (not the idiot “Glyn Schofield” whose at it again in Birmingham, apparently his latest is “I hid behind a bar so I could kiss mens’s jeans as they walk past, drunkenly urinating”.

Ugh – I wish Josie had booted him to the balls once and for all, be done with him!

But her feet are too pretty for a shmucko  like that! Hehe) .

I often get boots to the balls. Hehe. In very innovative and PIONEERING manners – nothing wrong with that!

Anyway, like Schofield’s micro penis featured so prominently here – this is a short one.

But in Sin City Diaries, I dont know if one part I emphasized was … “xiao didi, ta?”

(do you have a small dick or big?)

For yours truly, the consensus has always been big – but mostly THICK!

As MAdam Pearl put it so well.

“My ex boyfriend had a big penis, but nowhere as big as yours, but the THICKNESS is what matters!”

And it does.

GIRTH is what really matters for women – and cucks too if you’re getting sissygasms galore. But for sissies and cucks, the LENGTH – hitting the male P spot – that is so nice too!

And along with these cuckie questions, that ends this one. Hehe.

But I always remember feeling sexy when they asked me that, and often times, they’d giggle and pick up.

“xiao da”, they’d giggle and point. 


Even though it wasn’t. Hehe.

That ends this one.

Pick up the books above.

Back soon!



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