Another lovely Aa Ling memory and more …

My, how it floods back, all of it! (pun? Hehe)

It seems like YESTERDAY ….

One night, after Madam was done giving me a blowjob (which she enjoyed doing apparently, at least for me) in the shower, and then the massage, while giggling away and pasting her picture on my blue Nokia phone (the back of it) – that photo would last for YEARS – until a certain Rachna Ma’am removed it, hehe…

“You dont need this anymore”, I still remember her saying/asking, though it was more of the former, the latter was a formality – as it always is with Ma’am. 

But anyway – Aa Ling was preparing to have sex – which is what she would do with her clients after the massage, blowjob, sex, then …

… She made a move to put a condom on.

… And I .. well, I just turned around, and licked her soles. Hehe.

She didnt seem surprised at all, of course, as you can tell from the book “Owned by Madam Aa Ling” – she truly KNEW – and felt it – from the get go – that FIRST LIP KISS!

So deep it was, those eyes so NICE, the smile so inviting …

And she planted her lovely soles on my face as I jacked off, paid her, or maybe she jacked me off, I dont know. Hehe.

Paid for sex, never got it?

Years ago, around that time I once went to a bordello – a different one – this experience is detailed in Sin City Diaries, unlike the above, NOT detailed in the book (special for you guys reading this!) – and … the girl there was bitchy, and HATED her job, even when she bowed, you could tell -FEEL – what she was thinking “Oh God, another fat fock I gotta service!”

Read “25 Million Dollars” for more on phat phocks. Hehe.

But anyway …….. she even rimmed me, with a plastic saran wrap, something Aa Chie never did (as part of her job) – of course, I did it so much I still remember the smell from her lovely old Mom’s CRUSTY asshole, the ASS CRACK TOO!

Parting those aged butt cheeks, which had never been licked, worshipped, cleaned, doing it for Madam after numerous cocks had been there, never mine, what a turn on!

But anyway, after the rimming Madam made a face and attempted to go cowgirl, bitching away to high hell and beyond, but she fully expected me to do it as she tried to put the condom on …

And I, of course, took her feet in my hand – did a “sardonic laugh” not to be too humiliated – I was trying to show “I didnt care”, but I really wanted her FEET!

The look of SATISFACTION, and the way her eyes softened as I kissed her soles, I’ll always remember that.

She was so nice – even when she patted my tummy down, huge and bulging at that point- and dressed me up. Hehe.

I’m so happy I didnt penetrate her!

And she was too, which makes it all worth it.

Then, another incident mentioned in Sin City Diaries where a lady of the night simply wouldn’t suck me without a condom!

Which makes no sense, eh.

But thats how Madam wanted it!

And she got her way. Hehe.

And, as she took the condom off, some spare hair stuck to it.

I still remember the sharp pain, the OUCH – and the way Madam so lovingly parted each strand of spare hair, looking at it curiously, oh my!

Worshipping downtrodden ladies, making THEM feel even more special – it’s so NICE!

Not that worshipping women in general isnt!

And that, my friend is that.

Get the books above.

You will relive the experiences yourself by doing so, that I promise!



PS – I remember a lovely Anne once asking “why you dont enter me!”

At the time, we weren’t communicating well, so I couldnt explain, years later – hehe – I think she KNOWS now!

Ann though, had no such qualms. Sex only for RELEASE, boy – health purposes as she often told me – detailed so well in Serving Ann. Oh MY! (another one of those “rave reviewS” books!)

(They all are. Hehe).

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