Why I so love Angelina Ma’am PUNCHING me!

A short story, and a couple of more short ones perhaps – they capture, to me at least (and any true, real femdom lover as opposed to wankers) the essence of REAL FEMDOM, the thinking – more than anything else, perhaps.

More than the lust, more than all of it, what really DOES it for women .

Money, stability, handsome men submitting, all that, yes…

BUt …

In 2019, I met a girl I later named Angelina (she was complaining about an abusive ex boyfriend).

And while I wont get into the tale here, I named her that – for a reason!

She was learning boxing.

One night, she invited me for dinner. (I’ll spare you most of the details there, except at the time Venus was on my ass, and.. well, lets just say Madam wasn’t too happy about that, although I took permission FIRST!

All throughout she was messaging me. I still remember!

It only stopped when she knew I wasn’t sleeping with Angelina. Hehe). So nice!

Anyway, she was learning boxing.

And her instructor wasn’t that good at all.

I observed her form, gave her basic tips – like holding the elbows CLOSE in to the body.

And more – and one night, that night, while she was cooking, I was there with her in the kitchen, and I asked her to take a hit – at me.

With me NOT defending myself.

She was reluctant initially, then she gave in …


a roundhouse punch flew, except I could SO easily have ducked under it, taken the arm, elbow, and more – for everything it had, probably send her flying, but …. 

I did none of that.

It hit me SMACK on the shoulders.

And I just grinned sheepishly at her.


Maybe that, to me explains it all!

Strong men submitting, is, along with the subconscious, one of the keys most miss – i.e. noone wants a “doormat”, which I keep saying in A Complete Guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland.

I’ve often said men in power in real life are often the exact and polar opposite in bed.

And it’s true.

And – I remember many a story proving this, one being a lady whose sub was – and he was extreme! – from the Special Forces in the UK (SAS I believe) …

He could take down three “normal” men himself.

Highly trained ji jitsu guy too…

Yet, he was submissive as could be, because he understood, so did she – you truly have to be on both sides of the spectrum to experience and appreciate the other end!

Goes for cock worship, sissydom, anything.

And femdom wise, controlling a POWERFUL man, feeling that POWER flow to you … Ma’am … 

THAT is what it’s all about!

And there endeth this one.

Pick some tales themed along these lines, you’ll love ’em!



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PPS – I also begged her to kick me in the BALLS. More on that later!


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