Penis VS Penis – aka FROT Central!

Maybe that will be a new product – a product on FROTTING!

God knows many would LOVE IT – absolutely – bareback or not – pun or not!

But penis vs or against PENIS – it’s such a sexy and arousing thought for not just “gay” folks – but SISSIES and faggots as well!

Few things arouse sissies more than SOLES – and FEET!

Cock and feet, boy, cock and feeT!

And as I noted HERE, there is something about two men – rather – two PENISES or MORE together!

Ever see a sissy with a long cock sucking another long one – and wishing YOU , sissy, could suck both!

I have – and do!

And that in itself should explain to a point why I feel labels are useless, Cuck Central explains why for one – and why except for humiliation purposes I never even think about them or use them. Anyway – this isn’t about that!

It’s about what I saw last night – what I had to write to Madam Princess Dani about!

She hasn’t replied as yet, but I’ll keep yalll posted. Hehe.

But two penises together …

I saw a long THICK penis, the head so NICELY shaped and distinct from the BLACK, coal black DONG – SLAPPING a cuck’s locked balls!

It’s so SEXY, so NICE!

Especially since the guy is DOMINANT.

Imagine it, sissies and cucks (I’ll post the video here in future).

A guy doing that to YOU – with or without a lady present.

You’re LOCKED – balls full, and his lovely dong SLAPS you, almost BUSTS your balls with each slap, so HEAVY IS IT!

Your cock STRAINS – against it’s restraints, unable to get hard – or cum – but it can release as above, hehe. 


I didnt put that sort of ballbusting in Ballbusting 101.

But it might be there in 102!

That made me cum just LOOKING. And like I said, I’ll post it here later too!

For now, grab the courses above if you’re a penis lover, and most reading this ARE.

And remember – in the future, we’ll have special posts just for PENIS lovers – those who buy any penis related product – here on the site – NOT for public viewing, but REAL penis lovers only.

So if you want to distinguish yourself from the crowd, start now.

And thats it for now.



Mike Watson

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