The bridge between sissydom – and FINDOM!

Y’all reading this should know it already!


But thats not the only bridge – QUIVERING with raging lust is what is happening, I’ve been meaning to workout for a while, I’ve been putting together on a page on sissy workouts – an upcoming product sissies will love, stay tuned, rejigging the site a little, doing thinking, and so forth …

And … it’s miraculous as always – plenty of signs from the heavens!

For one, I now know why I call a certain lady Racine (that I know NON FETISH wise) – a lovely nice helpful lady – very so! – “Rachel”.

I often wondered why I type that out on mistake…

I normally never do when I’m doing business. 

I know now.

But I’ll reveal more on that later! Hehe.

As I was doing the sissy workouts page, I saw a lady Michelle I had not seen on Twitter in a while – rather, well, I didnt “See her”, but I found her again through notifications and such – I had to – and bingo – there is was.

“Great” minds think alike as I posted on Twitter!

She had a sissy doing workouts – so I can already tell the product I have in mind will be SUPER popular. Hehe.

Now, that stretch will be one of them, yes.

But what I really want to talk about is the bridge that TRULY is the last bridge to cross, the one that BINDS findom and sissydom and all of it together, the PENIS bridge!

Yes, that long penis – MUAH – that is the bridge!

Ma’am, I’d literally be NOSE deep in pubes, not that I am not always anyway – not just because his penis is so NICE and so LONG! MUAH! But because … Ma’am, just to say thank you to you! 

And it’s true, I would!

I’d kiss all along his shaft to say thank you to her – this lady who is one of the most natural findominans, humiliatrixes and … well, probably cuckoldress I’ve ever seen (Garima Madam is the only other one that comes close!).

(And Princess Joanie).

But really, that is the bridge I mention in Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots – the PENIS bridge.

Feet and cock, boy!

Feet – and COCK!

I so love losing some followers who love both of the things above, yet seem not to be able to “take” it – pun intended, when I mention it.


Too bad.

Anyway, thats the message.

Think about it – what TRULY is the best tool a findomina has ?

Control over your mind, and what better way to do it through PENIS!

That one thing sissies crave – in them, and to WORSHIP, that one thing other than feet they CANNOT get enough of … 

Man – I was going to workout.

I had to postpone it to tell you this, but now that I have, Im out.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Penis lovers, pick up Penis Central NOW.

PS #2 – I just saw another “glyn Schofield” in Birmingham who apparently loves to be outed. More on that later, but it was hilarious, serving a ton of black men groping him (her) – yes, and yet, oddly enough “he” (she) loves and cRAVES it, hehe.

And if you crave being outed – lots of you do – apply NOW – HERE! (and give in, stop trying to fight it. lol.) *you KNOW you WANT it!*

PPS – Watson Faithful members get access to ALL for free (except the outed section), but there’s a TON more!

PPS #1 – Just got done rejigging the site. I’m off! ?

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