I just can’t get his penis out of my mind! ??

I’ve tried, or maybe not. Hehe.

It’s one of those things, I’ve never seen the guys face even!

And combined with THIS dream I recently had, well …

*this was one of the MOST popular and “plenty of fans” pieces on Medium before they decided to take it down. So wise is “Big Tech”, though Medium aint that, hehe. So be it. Their loss*

He is a maledom (apparently) and ALWAYS HORNY — and is slim and sexy, what a beautiful CHEST, abs and nipples, slim, tall and sexy, but most of all?

And all I want to see?

And think about these days, as I press my SO’s feet, who wants another man as she TAUNTS ME?

Is his PENIS!

I so wish I could talk about his too while I lick my SO (currently we’re talking about her current Indian lovers all the time, who I will mention in Cuckold Compilations — Volume Two ;

For now, Volume One will MORE THAN DO!


Cuckold Compilations by Mike Watson

It hasn’t quite the same impact as Master Wang’s penis did!

But, this penis is SO NICE!

I wish I could post a picture here, Sir!

But that would violate Medium rules (not that I care now – do a search on the site, hehe), but youre such a STUD, Master, such a GOD, you’re so PERFECT!

Your dong stands up so PROUDLY!

And really, this dong — I’ve described it in Penis Central, but let me describe how nice it is, or try to, words dont justice to it!

It’s long — at least 7 plus inches!

The skin of the shaft is SO SMOOTH, I feel my own sissy clit BURBLING as I write this!!!!!!!!!! MY!!!!!!!!!

Id do ANYTHING TO SLOB on his knob, it’s so perfectly SHAPED!

And just the dong itself, the balls are always so full and nice!

And it stands up so PROUDLY, and it’s a SLIM dong, not too thick, but slim penises, the long ones, sometimes so sexy!

Master Wang has one like it too. Except this guy is a bit longer!


If both those penises were pointed at me, I’d go to penis heaven.

LITERALLY, I wouldn’t know which one to SLOB and suck and worship, they’re both so NICE!

Sissies and faggots know the feeling.

Well, but I’d do one thing — I’d worship them well, better than they ever have been, like they so deserve!

Master, Paye Lagu. I’d kiss the shaft of your DONG all day!

I just can’t get it out of mind, what a nice, lovely proudly HARD DONG! No wonder he’s got so many sissies at his beck and call, he is so NICE! What a PENIS THAT is, I’d pay to just see it, he’s blessed with a lovely sexy long ORGAN!


Mike Watson

PS- And just how do I know how to worship Penis so well? Capital P?

Well, because .. of what is outlined in Penis Central!

Penis Central by Mike Watson

You Penis lovers must get this book now. REALLY. NOW! It’s THAT good!

And you’ll leak while reading it, so guaranteed!

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