My penis breath last night…

That penis was SO hard! Muah! (even though this time, I didnt “feel it”, there was no lady next to me – or maybe there was, the details are hazy right now!).

It wasn’t especially long.

But it was long enough, and THICK – and it was black, and the hair at the base of his shaft – so NICE!

And as I bent to give it a suck, the one thing I noticed – the HEAD – oh my, it was so THICK I could barely get my mouth around it to give it a loving slob and SUCK!

Which I finally did, of course.

(and, almost came while doing so, but then controlled myself hehe).

For the penis and its owner being sucked was probably natural, he just kept walking, erect manhood proud and STRAIGHT!

But I remember waking up and thinking … that penis SMELLS so good!

Or tastes, or both, even though there was neither a specific taste or smell in my mouth…

I just remember the big, bulbous THICK head, I could barely wrap my thick lips around it!

Anyway, that was so nice.

I woke up and it was a struggle not to cum in pant, as it often is…

Then I thought of foot, of course!

Every time I see a sole, I want to worship, every time I see a cock, especially those luscious HEADS, I want to suck!

And thats the story for the night, with other wonderful, weird dreams and visitations.

Penis breath.


I so love it!

As I so love penis, and so should all sissies…

And if you love penis as much as I do, well, here’s a book dedicated to it – Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots – and here is the next step, which literally takes you DEEP into “dong lang” – tells you ALL about the different types of penises you’re likely to see out there – Penis Central.

Truly luscious, and all penis lovers – these, as you can tell from the reviews are LIFE changing books.

Get ’em NOW!


Mike Watson

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