Perfect Madam Vandy . . .

I dont know why, but I dream of her often. Well, actually I DO know!

But thats for later.

I DO know why I’ve written about her so much. I DO know that there is an unfinished book featuring HER … but most of all, I remember her voice — and her feet, and the LOOK in her eye!

“Michael ……” , she’d say, slurring the “l” (actually she’d use my other name) …

She wasn’t classically beautiful.

She wasn’t in the best of shape, I dont think.

She wasn’t the model like lady a lot of us admired in high school, a lady far more beautiful, but yet, to me, far less “spicier”!

Vandana MADAM had it!

And she probably knew it too, along with a certain other Ms. R (of Chinese decent somewhere WAY back in the day I think …) did!

Both these ladies liked me, often talked to me.

I dont mean it in a “bad” way, but they liked me, I could tell — so could they!

I still remember, BOTH those ladies had RED as their favorite color!

I still remember Madam Vandana and her FEET … those lovely soles, caked with dust in the heat and grime of India.

I wrote about her today, as I had a dream of me flirting with her, bathing her in PURPLE!

Probably violet too, hehe.

If there was ONE lady I had fantasies about growing up, it was her. If there is ONE reason I rushed to my old room to jerk off after high school, it is Madam Vandana!

I’d want to wash her feet. Press them. Drink the water — the dusty water!

I’d want to fan her. bring her a drink. I’d want to rub her head — shoulders — everything!

Naturally, being 14 at the time meant none of this came true, but she knew!

That look in the eye, that way she spoke to me …

She knew, and I knew too!

Now, I was going to repost what I did on the blog this morning about her — but I dont want to do so — so I’ll just link it.

More on this lovely Indian Goddess here —My old school teacher I had, and still DO have a crush on — and that DISCOUNT! — Spicy and Erotic Fetish

And I’ll see you soon!


Mike Watson

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