What I do when I feel irritated

Which is not often!

Now, you guys might think that given my very submissive and almost “in awe” relationship my “wife” and I have – I’d never be annoyed, or aggravated, or irritated at her.

I mean, how could that happen? Right?

Right… not.

Anyone who thinks that doesnt happen in a REAL femdom relationship which is actually more equal than you’d think – is a fool. An utter fool!

Fantasy – and fantasy land says it doesnt happen, sure.

But like my one time editor (well, I should say editor before I branched out on my own) said and still says “we prefer writers who keep one foot in the real world!”

He got Mike Watson who keeps both feet firmly there – and does “a dab of fantasy” as opposed to the other way around for most authors (nothing wrong with that either, but for me keeping it REAL has what has always worked, even when that same editor once told me “Writing about what has really happened is good, but perhaps not good all the time!” – but for me, it’s been the way to go always!).

Brutally honest – I’d tolerate – and want – nothing else.

He also got Mike Watson the prolific writer who as he once said “Mike, we’ll have to devote an entire library to your books”!

And looking at what I have on the site -so sagely said. Hehe.

Anyway – so – my “wife”

Several things that annoy the heck out of me about her – her incessant whistling, she’s always on the phone making me WAIT when I have to talk to her – not fetish wise! – and more.


It’s real life.

In the past we’d get into fights.


With me, my vibes permeate more than the average person, if I’m in a bad mood, or annoyed, it’ll show – and I make no attempt to hide it.

But when I feel that way?

I may say something to myself – then I hit delete, and then – what really helps?

I think of my wife’s feet, and massaging them!

I think of her on the bed, one foot imperiously up, talking DOWN To me as she talks to other (male) friends and colleagues SO nicely, even more so sometimes if you get my drift and as I feel my penis stir even writing this – well – that works wonders!

(and thats the start, then I think of other things, then I do ’em, then next time it happens – ditto! )

Even if I’m not annoyed at her, if it’s a business problem – vexing problem otherwise – this image never fails to enthuse, inspire, and make me feel GOOD!

And good things happen again!


Think good, have good …

… and femdom wise, real femdom wise, thats how to do it!

And thats the “tip” for the day.

A huge thanks and hats off to all those who took advantage of the Memorial Day sale we had – lots of fun was had, lots of savings made. Until the next one…!

And I’ll see you soon.



PS – Twitter is really ROARING, the most inventive sub orgasm I ever saw proved to be really popular, and if you follow my Twitter, you’ll see why!

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