Sissy Dreams, and the effect Perfect Madam Ankitha had on me . . .

I should have put this on the page for Sissy Confessions!

come to think of it, maybe it’s in the book, maybe not, I dont know – the book wasn’t even “conceptualized” when I wrote this.

But it’s a book ALL you sissies will love, so get it now – along with Sissy Central – and Sissy-gasm Central.

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Wait……… what? I forgot to write!

Here goes, hehe.

So, sissy dreams and Madam Ankitha, and dreams that …………….

. . . that left me with hands shaking, and you know what too! 😉

LOINS QUIVERING, but nothing more! 

(despite the release I had last night, I almost pissed in my pants, so HUGE was the urge to just RELEASE!)

Like a true sissy, of course. Sissies should never have real man orgasms, and shouldn’t want to . . . boy!

(and preferably NO release at all, if at all, then minimal, as Ann said, “only for HEALTH!” – and she released it so well, hehe).

? You guys will LOVE this story, so DOMINATING was she!

Anyway – no release –

Thats one of the cardinal rules mentioned in Sissy Central, by the way . . .

Anyway, So it happened, except in a different manner from what happened a couple of days ago after talking to the regal Madam Ankitha . . .

What happened, you might ask? What exactly did happen?

Well, something that often happens to me every couple of months, something we normally know as a wet dream, but something that I call a 20% orgasm . . . or, in my case, a different kind of ruined orgasm.

When I don’t wake up fully and use my hands to satisfy myself, of course!


And while you might be wondering why this wet dream a couple of days after my “release”, well, I’m not sure.

Or actually I AM.

How did it happen, you ask?

Well, I was a dreaming . . . of a stud, perhaps.

Not YOU, boy! I’m waiting for my STUD! (and yes, she deserves the best. . . !!!)

A slim man, NOT a black man though. Perhaps a guy of European descent, in good shape, and as he lay down and relaxed, he didn’t know what was happening at first, but a flicker of recognition sparked in his eyes as I caressed his stomach, that slim, sexy HARD stomach, much like I was his girlfriend.

Or his bitch, more likely!

And that should serve as a wake up call for you guys out there who insist on muscle pumping and toning. News flash — toned abs (not the nasty “sticking out six pack look” though!) is something that turns MOST women (and of course sissies and cucks in the RIGHT frame of mind, hehe) FAR more than you KNOW, boy!

And as I caressed his stomach, my hand slid up his chest, and flicked his right nipple.

And he half smiled, half grinned, finally “understanding”.

He said something.

If you do that, he said . . . while putting one leg up on me.

And I started to take his socks off so he could relax, and I could rub his feet . . .

. . . and that was all it took.

NOT the most “explicit” of scenes to be honest (especially not as “direct” as a dream I once had when the guy pretty much told me “You CHOSE to make yourself a bitch!” (and I wrote about that too before, hehe

)) but that was all it took.

I could feel the cum bubbling up.

I tried to stop it, half asleep, and then gave up.

And stained shorts and all later, I went back to sleep (after changing them shorts. Hehe).

And . . . I’m STILL horny as heck at the time of writing this.

Anyway, why am I telling you this?

Well, to tell you the sheer power that RUINED orgams — — or SEMI — orgasms — — or P spot orgasms done right have over a man, my friend

And why they’re such a great, great tool for femdom.

The “release” occurs.

But (and especially with P spot and ruined orgasms, and even partial wet dreams like the one before, as well as the sexy scene I wrote about once that I saw where a male stud (naked) massaged a CAGED cuck’s cock and stepped back as the nasty GOO blasted out of his LOCKED cock, so it didn’t get on him) these sort of “orgasms” can REALLY deny a male, and keep the arousal levels high and HEADY!

Pun intended there!

And of course, WITH the release, and “refilling” doesn’t seem to be a problem, at least not for me!

And . . . you may ask about his dick.

Well, I did fondle it a bit through his pants, but I didn’t see it in the dream.

And how was that enough for such an explosive wet dream.

The answer lies in TWO things.

TWO occurrences.

One, being what my S.O. did for the majority of the night before.

And two, Regal Madam Vicky, her of the high heels (white high heels, but apparently gray now).

And those two things will be the topic of the next post. Stay tuned!


Mike Watson

P.S. — Here is where you can pick up the book on HOW to give him the PERFECT ruined orgasm and have him begging, nay, GROVELLING — for MORE Of the same —

Truly the best “tool” in your femdom “artillery” kit!

And that, as my friend in fitness told me – HEAVY DUTY ARTILERRY!  (which ultimately is what WORKS in life, business, anywhere).

So get it NOW.

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