The lady of the night — that I PAID — that looked at my cum in UTTER DISGUST . . . as she SHOULD!

Dear Reader,

Well, well, well!

It’s no secret to anyone out there that Mike Watson has been humiliated, abused and USED galore by lovely Chinese ladies from the day he stepped foot in the mainland.

It’s also no secret that he vociferously thanks them all up and down for doing so.

And it’s no secret, of course, that as he says, they deserve to have their cake and eat it too, and while Chinese ladies are BY FAR the most naturally DOMINANT ladies out there in ANY regard (they are NATURALS at it!! ;)) — this holds true for ALL you ladies out there.

Anyway, what I’ve spoken and written about publicly is mostly experiences that occured with “regular girls” that I’d mysteriously meet either online or offline, never ONCE trying to actually meet ’em — and getting what I “wanted” from them — and much, much, much more!

But sometimes, just sometimes, I’d wish for the opposite.

Yes, you’re right.

I’d go to women I paid. For experiences where I could just relax (not dominate her — no — I’ve been a top before many times, and as I keep saying, it’s necessary to top FIRST before really understanding what gets a true sub “off” — and vice versa but this isn’t about that my friend).

I’d use the services of hookers on occasion.

Or “massage ladies” sometimes (a glorified term for the same).

And back in the day (pre 2015 Great Yellow Crackdown, hehe) there were PLENTY of opportunities for this and then some.

But remember what I keep saying my friend

You cannot — I repeat, CANNOT get away from who you REALLY are — deep down at your CORE!

And though what I outwardly craved was to relax, my inner self wanted nothing more than to be debased and abused by these ladies; a section of the society in China and elsewhere that is traditionally downtrodden . . .

Until, and especially in China, when they meet a TRUE submissive male!

The vibe is what counts, my friend.

And it was in this vein that I wrote my Sin City diary series — a hugely popular series from a femdom standpoint — and even more so because this was when I PAID ladies to do what I asked (no, not Dominas) but they took my money — did the exact opposite — and left me horny, frustrated, high and dry — and HAPPY!

The Sin City Diary compliation by Mike Watson — Volumes, 1, 2 and 3. Truly a VALUE GRAB!

And on cloud nine.

And on that very humiliating note, the tale of the lady of the night who’d treat regular customers as God and me?

Well even the sight of my cum on her pristine lovely palms was a source of UTTER disgust for her, and it should be!

But hold up. Let me BACK UP, hehe.

A while ago, (I believe!) I wrote about a girl working at the massage salon — that, though she was used to — and expected to, for an extra “fee” of sorts — provide “special services” — not only refused to touch my dick — my PINDICK, as I remember saying — but very aggressively so!

I still remember the way she drew her hand back, and the sheer INDIGNANT expression on her face.

She literally SNATCHED her hand away, as it was.

“I am NOT going to touch that nasty thing, BOY!”

And while words, of course, are NOT necessary at the best of times — they sure weren’t at THAT time!

And today I’ll write to you about a similar experience — this one occuring at an actual “bordello” (some might call it a brothel) — — of the sort mentioned in Sin City Diaries — Volume 1.

If you love stories like this — real life stories — then you’ll enjoy the title above — be sure and grab it asap!

And now, on with the topic of today’s email.

One night I visited another one of those bordellos I so enjoyed visiting, and the “Mamasan” brought out the usual selection of ladies.

I chose the one in the middle — a perfect, “curvy” (bodacious!) figure — and milky white, smooth, soft skin.

She seemed pretty young — but that wasn’t why I chose her — it was instinct based upon something else altogether — and turns out I was RIGHT.

As she soaped me up in the shower, I could tell she wasn’t that “into it” (unlike Madam Aa Ling, hehe, who KNEW how to hook me from the word GO) — -but she did an adequate job. Oddly enough her disinterest only served to increase my lust more (sound familiar, foot boys?) — and when she laughed at my man boobs (I had them back then) — it was so genuine that I almost came right there and then.

What a loser he is!! She might as well have SAID it out LOUD …

And her skin was so soft, so fair, her lips so sweet, so sexy … the entire package so damned appealing, that I couldn’t wait for her to take me to the bed — and right out of the shower, I put her head to my nipples — my left nipple, to be precise.

She seemed a bit precise, but started sucking in the way only a lovely Chinese girl can. Nipple play seems to be an ability these ladies are born with, if I might say so, and I was soon at the point of no-return, and I still remember her palms, her soft, bare palms — and as I erupted in a frenzy on those palms, she looked at “it”.

As wave after wave of THICK GOOEY cum spurted out — and as I moaned in ecstasy — — the expression on her face said something ELSE altogether.

Actually, it didn’t say — it SCREAMED out loud — disgust!

Down, boy! Thats where you BELONG!!

I still remember, my friend.

As I came on her palm she looked at my ejaculate with such EXTREME DISGUST — and mind you, this was a lady of the night — that I almost got another hard on right there!

She quickly washed it off, muttering to herself, as I “giggled”, out of sheer embarrassment (I hadn’t even got to the blowjob part as yet before cumming!) — not just at what I just mentioned, but her REACTION to me — a client — that was paying well!

Yet another case of a truly dominant Chinese lass, my dear reader. Yet another reason I keep saying that if you want TRUE FEMDOM — then mainland China is the place to be!

And as I headed to the bed for some sex — well — it wasn’t to be! Before I knew it, I was getting a very relaxing oil massage — and before I could control myself she nibbled at my ear — and the outcome was another extremely pleasurable hand job which worked for me — and HER, too.

After all, I paid for sex — but didn’t get it — with a lady of the night that expertly manipulated me otherwise, and to add “insult” (as if more was needed!) to injury — she showed me the door right thereafter (time was up, but still…!).

And if there are other better examples of femdom in real life — well — I’m yet to see it, my friend!

And that, my friend is why I love Chinese ladies as much as I do.

Or should I say yet another example of why!

I’m off now — see you soon!


Mike Watson

Owned by Madam Aa Ling — by Mike Watson

P.S. — If tales like this turn you on, you’ll love the tale of the lady of the night who well and truly took me “IN HAND” from day ONE, my friend. Click on over right HERE — and grab your copy of “Owned by Madam Aa Ling” right NOW — —

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