Its such an HONOR to be allowed to worship her BUSH – and her, in general!

Ma’am, it’s just such an honor she lets even near her lovely soles, her dirty feet, to press them, it’s such an honor she yells at me like a real servant from across the hall way, not lifting a FINGER herself, … and more!

And it’s such an honor, and I’ve written about this before, when she allows you to not just massage her feet, but do more – PLEASE her – sexually!

Those completely unworthy slave lips touching Madam’s pristine, lovely skin – think about it!

Even if that skin is unwashed, the lady herself is slovenly, hasn’t gone to the beauty salon or “parlor” as my SO calls it (Indians call it that apparently, she is from that part of the world) … hairy legs, unwaxed, and of course the hairy BUSH down there which men complain so much about, but never trim their own!

Every time I see my wife’s unwashed ass, her hairy “pussy” (if I may call it that) – I just feel EVEN MORE submissive as I worship it!

Pubic hair is so nice – it could be Master Wang and his lovely dong, and the lovely dense network of pubes attached to it! MY!

Or, my wife …

Or, any real man …

Or, her arm pit hair…

(and in Sin City Diaries I believe I wrote about this too – a lot of Chinese girls, those lovely dominating Chinese ladies – do NOT shave.

“I like natural!” as Madam Venus once told me … as she exposed a veritable JUNGLE down there (I was kissing her lovely petite soles, and then I saw it! MY!) )

the way my lovely wife yells at me, makes me do the dishes – even though i do them anyway. its just so nice, expecting more and more!

The brattieness and ENTITLEMENT – that does it – big time!

And as I was talking to a lovely Goddess Athena about all this ..

i can’t imagine the feeling, but i can get a sense!

(she’s divorced) (and with a female partner right as of now)

Are you truly married?

Madam didnt believe I was, which I get it. Hehe. My Bio doesnt mention it specifically, and after reading my bio, she said she didnt quite know!

And for writers, you know – you never really know!

Not everyone is like Mike Watson where its’ REALITY mixed in with a dab of creative license, not the other way around.

Everything I write about – the people – the situations – what happened – its all REAL.

I might spice it up SOME.

But the meat of the matter is all fact, and REAL – which is why people love my writing, and my books so much!

As a friend once told me –

“It has the ring of truth to it!”

And he was right.

Anyway ….. I was talking to her yesterday (to Athena) about how my wife makes me massage her feet, treats me like a complete inferior, makes me WORSHIP her in every which way – and how I love her SO much for it!

Sissy love, perhaps. Hehe.

True, thats what I Want to do as well, so it’s a good match (it took a while to work up to real life femdom, but after getting her to follow the tips in the book – we’re finally THERE!).

it’s so comforting to see a man treat his superior with an appropriate amount of respect and awe.

I remembered the word as “refreshing” – not comforting! So this morning I thought I’d check Madam’s messages again (Goddess Athena), and so I’m pasting what she said in that regard – the best part, for me!

Precisely, Ma’am, – you truly DO GET IT, thank you SO MUCH!  love (female dominated) love is the only real, true love out there, its the only real true PASSION! Because women were meant to control and rule, and men were meant to be puppets. Hehe.

Thank you again for your reply – appreciated! Because you truly do get it. And then those men (the ones references above) complain “we can’t find girls”. What fools! (i mean that honestly).

I was talking about an idiot I know who apparently shits in bed after getting drunk, apparently (though I dont quite believe it) his girlfriend “cleans it up” – then he keeps complaining about “she never does the dishes, doesnt lift a finger around here” …

… and then these type of men complain about not being able to find women.

What FOOLS, as Sophia would rightly say. hehe.

And as Athena said –


Thank you so much for agreeing Ma’am! Men (lot) dont get it , it’s SO MUCH BETTER, MORE NATURAL TOO – when women control, in any case, women’s hands are too nice for washing dishes etc, thats the male workers bee’s job!

(and it is)

Men are such fools anyway! ?

Except those that get it, unfortunately, precious few do.

Anyway, thats the gist of all this. Worshipping her is so NICE!

The more unslovenly and manly she is, like I keep telling my wife (or SO, or whatever the term these days is) … the more of a turn on it is. 

“Why should boys have all the fun”.



If men can belch, fart anywhere – if men can come home and plonk down on the bed without even taking a shower, if men dont shave down there, if men have multiple women … well, why not women too!

And that, really is the entire essence of femdom and this site itself.

Pick up some manuals and books NOW, my friend – truly so worth it.

I’ll be back soon, I’m sure.


Mike Watson

PS – Goddess Athena is a lady that truly GETS IT.

I am interviewing many domestic subs this week for that very reason!!! I could never give my heart and soul away to some unworthy man. i’d rather see them in their natural place taking care of ME as they goon at my feminine wiles below me

So right, Ma’am.

So right!

And I’m so honored to chat with you, a superior woman! Yes, I do KNOW my PLACE … Ma’am. Thank you so much!!!!!!?

PPS – Here is what another lovely lady told me (while posting on Twitter about cheapskates and timewasters –  this was in response to my comment about someone which went as follows –

“lol. thats a freebie seeker, Princess! Block time. Hehe. 

Or someone topping from the bottom”. )

they’re all freebie seekers ?

Some not though, Ma’am – keep at it – you’ll find the right one is what I told her. Muah!

But really, that same thing applies to a lot of YOU on this list.

Some of you have joined, yet you never have any intention of purchasing a product, buying a book, or anything.

In that case, do leave the list and dont clog our plumbing up. Hehe. Thank you!

(Because I hate cheapskates and freebie seekers more than anything else. It takes WORK to do what we do around here. If you dont respect or support that, you’re not wanted! ?)

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