Master Malone, your penis is SO nice!?

And it truly is!

His penis has driven me INSANE with lust over the last few days, even when I’m completely spent — his penis poking out of his pants, slovenly attire and all, it never fails to AROUSE — and INSPIRE me to greater “heights” -not my own sissy penis wise, but otherwise!

Master, you’re so nice!

And your penis is SO LONG AND NICE!

Master Wang was the last guy, with those lovely DENSE pubes of his that drove me insane with such utter and sheer lust, but even HE didnt quite have the same effect on me as Malone is, what a STUD, we havent even spoken beyond the normal !

His dick is so nice, always HARD!


Pointing up!

And a set of nice balls, always full, they dont hang down, they’re always “tight” — with lust!

IT’s so NICE!

I’ve written so many odes to his penis, I dont even know where to start!

Maybe THIS would be a good point, otherwise, Google’s your friend.

And his name, or so I think it is Malone — sounds so nice! Perfect Master Malone, Malong’s long dong, all sounds so MANLY and NICE!

???Master I so sissy love you, I’d kiss your feet, each toe 10 times, and BEG to just SEE the tip of your penis!

And therein lies the nub, pun intended, I so love the dong, the whole dong, but the HEAD is the nicest in this case!

In Penis Central I wrote about this type of dong, but not directly.

And I didnt quite focus on the head in one of the points, but …

Penis Central by Mike Watson

… his dong, it’s cut. It’s long. YUM!

It’s narrow, but not so narrow it doesnt feel good!

But that long shaft is so worship worthy, the skin so smooth, but the UNDERSIDE, the most sensitive part of Master’s lovely penis, the underside is curved up!

His pee hole is so nice, I can smell it miles away!

His HEAD, that shiny penis head, it’s driven me insane, Master, I’d kiss it all day, and indeed, Master is ignoring me right now, but I promote his penis daily, it’s so NICE!

While massaging my wife’s feet as she slaps, kicks, and otherwise bitches — and ignores me- while giving her a pedicure with the other foot on my shoulder, while giving her head at night, all the usual femdom thoughts are there.

Massaging her feet like SHE wants.

Pressing her legs like SHE WANTS!

Most importantly not just licking her like she wants — but begging to lick her! — and thanking her profusely for things most men would never do, and areas no-one would “want” i.e. unshaven bushes, armpits, and … well, her lovely VULVA!

Even on her period, I do it!

I remove her tampons, and I …

It all, always boils down to … the natural progression I talk about so often in Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots!

Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots by Mike Watson

Feet and cock, boy!

Feet and COCK!

And thats it, a natural progression you can ignore, but it’s always there!

I think of malone’s long dong all the time, even when pressing her feet, I suck Madam’s toes like I would his dong, the head, Madam loves it!

I whisper sexy things about HIM while begging her to denigrate me, my body, my penis — which she would anyway, but she loves it when I grovel while pleasing her!

Its all that matters, Malone’s long dong is what deserves PLEASURE, I wish I could permanently stick it on my face, head pointing up, Spongejoe Bob style, so I could have his lovely balls in my mouth, while reverently staring (tongue out! GOON!) at his long shaft, and kissing it all day long…

Malone Sir, you’re so nice!

Your penis is truly (for Madam and myself) what I am working up to!

And I so want her with a real stud like you, not someone like me who is a stud in the gym, woefully DUD in the bedroom!

You only like boy’s penis!

Rachna Ma’am, you were so RIGHT, and so NICE!

I wonder what Malone Sir is doing.

I wonder if his penis is flaccid, and if he’s walking about like I wrote in a Sissy Confession here!

Thats so sexy, a man’s long dong — a real man’s — swinging as he walks, balls too, my eyes are hyponotized by the swinging dong, and the HEAD, usually wet after sex!


Well, my friend, THIS could be another sissy Confession unto itself, and as I wrote on Twitter this morning, Confessing to Father — Mother — or Sissy Mike never felt this good.


All about honest and open communication from the heart.


And even if you confess to yourself, or your SO, or whoever, if you do it naturally and with an open heart, chances are your seed (pun!) will BLOOM into what you truly want!

OK, enough of this — or Master’s dong again?

That head is so nice, I wonder what its doing.

Oh, sorry, Master Malone!

HE — what HE is doing!

As Madam pearl rightfully referred to stud penis as “he”!

And thats that.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS — Speaking of Sissy Confessions, here is our latest course — blazing HOT —

Sissy Confessions by Mike Watson

Get it NOW.

(That sissy just learned how to drive. She’s so PROUD of it!Muah! I love you all!?) Sissy PRIDE! Ready to SERVE! YOU!


Youll love it!

And, send in your confessions as comments or emails if you so choose, I’ll share ’em with the world (and dont be shy, we ALL have those thoughts!) .

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