Honesty is key – and always the best policy!

Brutal honesty is what – amongst other things Mike Watson is known for!

It’s not entirely a bad thing either.

I remember Carol once saying (in response to “why she was attracted to me”) – other than the “very handsome”, and body hair (she loved it!) – and facial and other hair – and other things …

“I feel you’re a very honest person!”

That I am. Hehe.

I’m the sort of person you either love or hate – no in between!

I’ve always been that way – that brutal honesty has been a trademark not just for me, but my writing as well – and its important – honest words shine through – people can tell if you’re bullshitting or not – anyone with any sense can smell BS miles away, as it were!

Honesty in work, relationships, writing, applies to all of it. Be honest, the rest will take care of itself.

With all that in mind, here is a brief review I got for Nipplegasm Central

(which by the way is a book on pleasure through nipples – so you dont even necessarily gotta be into BDSM to enjoy the book – and benefit!)

 I enjoyed translating your books, I think they’re well written and I like the “brutal honesty” with which you write them. I do believe that honesty is the most important quality for a writer. I’m not into d/s sex myself (even less so with women – because I’m mostly attacted by men) so I can’t really comment on the subject, but I thought your style is clear and engaging and will surely be useful to all your readers.

Best wishes, Alexander

And he’s right!

Here i what I said –

Yes, agreed again – honesty is KEY – in terms of anything, really – and thanks for letting me know your sexual orientation as well – not that it matters either way, of course – I’m concerned about the work, which is awesome. If you’re gay though you’ll love my next book which I’ll upload here soon, probably tomorrow – Sissy Confessions – lots of man on man there! Hehe. Best, Mike Watson

And yes – to me – sexual orientation, labels, all of it matter NOT.

You guys know that!

I’m more concerned with the work he did for me as well translating the book into Italian … Yuh-yes! We’re truly getting there in terms of MULTIPLE languages!

And if you’re into men – or attracted to PENIS – then along with Penis Central and Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots – the recently released Sissy Confessions – Volume One is another SMOULDERING hot book you’ll love! ??

I promoted it earlier today for a reason, I knew I was gonna be done with it today and now I am!

Get it at the link above.

Last, but not least, for my great, great translators out there …

sorry about the missing page. It happened with another book that I recently translated as the author was not able to see the last page in the document – we found out the problem relied in the software you use to open the file, as I work with OpenOffice and the author works with Word – for some reason, sometimes OpenOffice exports documents in a way that Word is not able to read the last page, even though when you open the document with OpenOffice it shows just fine. I enjoyed translating your books,

Well, that happens!

I always ask my translators to pay very close attention to format, leaving line/page breaks exactly “as is” as in the original doc, and most always do!

Hi Alexander,

Thanks for the email, yes – that is OK – no problem at all – very minor thing! What I’m most concerned about, as you might imagine is the translation – and the quality of the work and the attention the person pays to translating – you score just fine on all those points ! Yes, can be a pain in the ass (no pun, hehe) going between formats – I completely understand – and agree, I deal with those issues all the time myself.

And I do.

Ok, enough for now.

Get the books above. You’ll love ’em!


Mike Watson

PS – If you’re into men, or m on M domination, or what not – Cuckold Compilations is for you too – and so is 25 Million Dollars, a book my editor literally once said “the gay market will probably still love it, you got so much man on man there, but you just got away with it!”


Good ole Steve, I “love” him and Phil both!

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