Women are so exceptionally good at nagging – either directly or indirectly, nicely or not. And I LOVE IT!

As I wrote on Twitter this morning …

Women are SO good at nagging – either directly – or not. Hehe. I love it when I talk to a lady for business, and she keeps “following up. Crack that whip Ma’am! Hehe


And it’s true!

Over the past few days, I’ve been communicating with a lady Celena, another lady with those PIERCING eyes that go right through you, at least in her avatar in the email, but in a NICE manner this time, but they pierce all the same!

You can twist the screw anyway you like, if you get my drift. Hehe.

No pun intended in terms of screw, although if you were to put a pun there it would be just as applicable. Hehe.

It’s a business related thing, some service I signed up for, haven’t used – and with me, I’ll do it “in the flow” when I “want to”. With me, no amount of nagging works, it never has, if I dont want to do something, I wont.

But this lady knows that.


And in a NICE manner she keeps talking to me, “Staying in touch”, and at the end of her email she always says “I’ll wait for you to hear back from me”.

Kinda like I ALWAYS make a sale – or PROMOTE a product at the end of EACH email I send you.

Thats just how it is, folks.

And that wont change.

But you’re on the list, you opted in for a REASON, so it would be remiss of me NOT to sell the best femdom products in the world (nothing like our products out there, I challenge you to find some) to you daily, multiple times…

Anyway …

In a nice manner, she keeps her issue at the forefront of my mind!

I wasnt going to – or rather, with other issues going on, forgot to reply to her this morning, but then her eyes, her voice, though I have NOT heard it, came to mind.

Celena Ma’am, Paye Lagu! 

I wasn’t ignoring you. Hehe. I never could!

(it’s a female owned biz, one of those I so love!)

(and seem to so attract, heh)

Hi Celena,

Thanks for your email (again!). I’m so glad you got a “positive vibe” coming off my words, that is always my intention when writing to someone, business or not (or “communicating with anyone”, I should say).

Unfortunately I have been remiss in that I still have not found a good way to “broach” the video issue to a lot of my list -they’re always “on” social media etc, but more the silent majority that just “silently reads” etc, so it’ll take some doing to get them to send me videos. Hehe.

I’ll get it done eventually tho. That “silent majority” is ultimately what converts the bank tho, as I’m sure you know! 😉

Thanks again for your emails on this one and for “keeping this at the front of my mind” (in a nice way, haha) – much appreciated!

And so that is the issue.

Mike Watson is not huge on videos, or photos. I’m more the old fashioned text guy – as you can tell. A lot of you no doubt are too!

And this email was sent for another business, non fetish related, but my list there is the same.

But I’m so glad Madam is getting a positive vibe off my words, thats the whole point!

And on that note … I’ve asked before. If you guys want to send me videos, photos etc for the OUTED page – do it ASAP – if you just want to send me photos of your femdom in real life, send me those too – I’ll put you on the Spicy and Erotic Fetish Roll of Honor! (which is an exclusive list, believe me – page not yet up, but it will be soon).

Celena’s link wont work for this business, so just reply to this email directly.

And other than that, I dont know …

I’ve been thinking of THIS video , Usma Shah, or whoever it is is SO gorgeous!

Tired and exhausted from the heat, servant ready to serve. MY! Right down to the obesquisness, trying to please Malkin (I know a thing or two about that!) – and putting her dirty feet in the servant’s hands, and the “I’m so EXHAUSTED” expression on Madam’s face, though she likely “really” isnt that tired, it’s just an excuse to be served. Which she should. She’s gorgeous!

And last thing?

Women are great at nagging, indirectly, directly, nicely, or not.


We dont nag.


We just like to SERVE!

Reminds me of the oh so popular meme of “your wife bitches up a storm every time you ask her to suck, wants gold, jewelry, money or whatever”.

While sissies just want to suck your dick and beg to do so!


To learn how to be the best sissy for HIM and HER – go HERE.


Mike Watson

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