Sissy Confessions – Volume One

Volume One of the spell binding, mind blowing popular Sissy Confessions series … 

Here is but a SNEAK (just a peek, sissy! Hehe) PEEK at what you’ll GET – some of these writings will literally FORCE the dormant sissy out of you!

  • Sissy Confessions, and one I’ll make to perfect Madam Megan tomorrow morning!
  • Sissy Confession #2 – The almighty struggle NOT to cum in pant!
  • Sissy Confession #3 – Dick and balls, my friend. Dick and balls!
  • Sissy Confession #4 – First love, first COCK, first FOOT …
  • Craven Depths of SUBMISSION – or perhaps sissy Confession #5
  • Sissy Confessions #6– (Master Jerome’s) dangling dong!
  • Sissy Confession #7 – More on feet – and COCK!
  • Master’s long dong (schlong) – and I’m looking at it NOW – and Sissy confession #8!
  • Sissy Confession #9 – I so love aggressive, dominant, BRATTY (naturally) Chinese women sTRIDING up to me, looking me in the EYE – and WHY! (not! Hehe)
  • Sissy Confession #10 – When us submissive FREAKS call her Ma’am – and how she feels – and loves it – not – and yes!
  • Sissy confession #11, Long thick DONGS, men shooting POWERFUL LONG LOADS – usually from thick STRAIGHT DONGS!
  • Don’t cocks just have a way of making you forget ALL? (Sissy Confession #12, so NICE!)
  • Sissy Confession #13 – Why sissy fags are often the best “born to suck” – at sucking – DONG!
  • Sissy Confession #14 – The one “girlie” habit I never will/want to get rid of, and .. Sissy Confession #6!
  • Sissy Confession #15 – On shining his dong, rigorously polishing his KNOB with SLOB – and more. Penis is just so NICE AND DOMINATING!
  • Sissy Confession #17 – What Madam Megan didnt get about sissy, penis LOVE!
  • Sissy Confession #18 – The effect his lovely long DONG has on me…
  • Sissy Confession #19 I just can’t get his penis out of my mind! ?? (and this is in a different color, rightfully so, my entire sissy self is so DEVOTED TO HIS DONG, MASTER IS SO MANLY, HIS COCK IS SO, SO, like Master Wang’s in Penis Central, SO NICE!)Oh, that cock HEAD, SIR ! PAYE LAGU, SIR, I’d kiss your feet – each toe 10 times, 100 times, all day, just to have your erect tubular LONG DONG in front of my NOSE – SO NICE!
  • His dick is really hard today!” (Sissy confession #20)
  • Sissy Confession #21 – That was quite a load I pumped out last night!
  • Sissy Confession #22 -That HEAVENLY LOAD of REAL MAN CUM!
  • Sissy Confession #23 – Sissy Cum Dump
  • Sissy Confession #24 – Madam, I’d kiss your dream man’s feet and suck his cock if you wanted me to . . . all for YOU!
  • Sissy Confession #25- How Master Wangs dense, thick pubes drove me NOSE deep into levels of hitherto unfelt LUST!
  • Sissy Confession #26 – How perfect Master Wang turned me so expertly (without trying) into the piss drinking sissy I am, always WAS! And so love to be!
  • Sissy Confession #27 – What Master Wang taught me about my TRUE self without even trying…
  • Master Wang stuck his lovely tongue out!! And it drove me insane with sheer utter LUST! (Sissy Confession #28)
  • Sissy Confession #29 – Master Wang, your long lovely cock is so … NICE!
  • Sissy Confession #30 – My highness, my lord, My MASTER, my OWNER, perfect Master Wang…

And much, much more.

Coming soon – stay – TUNED!


Mike Watson

PS – Write back via the contact form – write YOUR sissy confessions; and I’ll share ’em with the world, I might even put them in Volume #2 (up coming!).

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