Sticky pants, sticky notes – and why you have to “BE”a woman first to really “be” a woman.

If there is one thing I could tell all budding sissies, it would be THAT.

Lets face it, being treated like – and BEING an actual woman is often what sissies want – most sissies – true sissies want that!

Sissies want a daddy, period. It could be male, female, whatever it is, but a dominant, harsh, rude, bratty Daddy is what turns us on the most !

It’s not even about money – if she’s earning more than the guy, and the guy wants to be a sissy, in that situation it works well – even though money is the most important thing, boy!

Point being this, and I believe I emphasize it in each of the tips in the bestselling course on sissydom Sissy Central – and it’s something happening to me all the time.

You have to FEEL like a woman in order to truly bring that sissydom into your life – much like you have to EMBED and ingrain femdom into your mind to attract the same – or anything you want in your life, any result!

For instance, for me .. I’m always leaking.

My butt plug which often touches my so lovely sensitive P spot, getting more and more sensitive with each sissygasm I’m allowed, or not .. doesnt make things “easier”!

I keep squirming. Hehe.

Thankfully it’s not a remote controlled butt plug which Madam Pearl used, which sent tiny sparks shooting through me, I’d really feel it!

This one is normal, but I make sure I have it on all day – why?

Well, because even without it I LEAK all day, my pants are a sticky mess, my dick hardly gets hard anymore, but the cum and precum, nasty mixture sticking to my hairy pubes … all so nasty, NICE and sticky together if you get my drift!

Like a real woman when she is HORNY and unsatisfied, thats why women bitch so much when they want SEX and dont get it, now do you understand the physical and mental feeling, boy?

Then, sissygasms ..

Which mean you can get unlimited pleasure, of course, as a sissy male -but you’re also left HORNY and not completely satiated all the time –  like a real woman!

Then, serving her on her period, getting used to her secretions – just like you would her waste, and leaking all day like that, think about how women feel when on their periods!

And of course, sitting down to pee. In nasty public toilets. Hehe.

And then the normal, mundane … doing the chores, housework, dishes, etc – we know THAT one.

but really, unless you’ve experienced the perennial “sticky pants” feeling, you’re neither qualified to be a real sissy, nor ARE you one.

But you CAN be one, if you want to …

Learn from the best at it.

Learn from someone whose renowned as the “Master” “head” (puns!!!!!!!!!) sissy of all sissies, the “real Mc Coy of Femdom” – Mike Watson.

And grab his course right now (on turning into the perfect sissy) – right here – Sissy Central.

And it’s sister of course – Sissygasm Central!



Mike Watson

PS – An offer I had made to a lot of you last year still stands, send in your photos, your tales, your stories … via video, if you so choose! And I’ll put them on the Roll of Honor on this site, for people that actually DO what they “fantasize” about – and I’ll even give you a discount on your next product. Hehe.

PS #2 – If you’re looking to be outed, humiliated like never before – many of you are – get your application in NOW. We’re “backed up” in that regard – no pun, hehe – so apply – NOW.

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