Why it should really be Sophia on the cover of Cuck Central, not so much Princess Joanie…

Although I must say, Princess Joanie did an even better job in some regards, especially taking my money!

“Then buy me a DRESS … boy!” – which of course, is well detailed in the story dedicated to Madam.

Volume Two will be out soon as well.

But if there is one girl who takes the mental deep, and whose learnt how to do it – WELL – it’s Princess Sophia!

“You can never sleep with me, touch me, or have sex with me, boy!”

A few days ago, she asked me in a smiley, grinning manner …

“Do you like this feeling”

Madam, you tell me, I tittered.

“Yes, I think you do!”

From the minute I added her, then waited for her to get back to me if she did (I even waited two months to add her after that first interaction I so loved and remember! She did the right thing) … sparks have flown between us.

And the one constant that has remained…

“I dont like you, I never have!”

She keeps telling me this.

Yet, given we dont do business, given I’ve been upfront about why I added her, given she spoke back tome without me messaging her, given she talks to me … so much … Hehe.

Not like me?

She is saying the right thing, of course!

But that is what you call true attraction.

It’s also a reason cuckolding so elevates a lady’s status!

Every time I think of her “not liking me” – although I know her “studs” – she barely talks to them, hehe –  I so want to run after her more!

This ties into femdom too, of course, but the cuckolding – sharing what you consider “yours” – having to do it anyway – with another man – adds such a sexy and submissive dimension to it!

Even when she’s not actively cuckolding you, which Sophia often doesn’t do me, you’re thinking of her.

Like I am now. Hehe.

Even when she’s not in the mood you want to worship her…

Sharing truly is caring!

On the female side, I’m not so sure how this would work as for women it’s more emotion over sex, but for us guys – give us the sex, and the emotion is always there!

It’s men who’re controlled so easily by their penis and balls – and NIPPLES – and sexual urges! Hehe.

Sharing truly is caring, again, and the tinge of jealousy (if you feel it) – even if you KNOW there is no reason to be jealous .. it adds sparks to the relationship.

It can also completely RUIN and destroy your relationship (i.e cuckolding) if you dont do it right, and get her MENTALLY into it (if she isn’t into it already) FIRST.

I did not start out with Sophia by talking about cuckolding.

Even today it is not the main theme we chat about … it’s more what she loves ie. “it’s never about you, Mike!”

I like that, she keeps saying.

It’s femdom first, everything else later, and it’s true attraction/feeling FIRST.

And thats the key a lot of you need to learn, explained so well and eloquently in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland“.

A book anyone truly interested in real femdom must get!

Along with that, pick up my second book as well (by order of how I put them on the site a long time ago!) – Cuck Central – it truly tells you how to get HER into it – first – so that you neither ruin your relationship, nor top from the bottom, nor destroy a perfectly good thing going on.

Instead, you’ll literally be in for the “ride” of your life – pun well and truly intended, maybe not!

Grab these NOW.

And leave reviews, folks.

I’ve gone hoarse saying it, but lots of you are not DOING IT!

Every genuine review not only helps others who’re interested in the book made an informed judgement about whether or not to invest (as opposed to buy) in it … but it also gets YOU, the reviewer, a 10% discount off your next purchase, and if that ain’t incentive enough, I dont know what it is!

Back soon.



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