Sophie Ma’am – Paye LAGU, Madam, JI!

YOU ARE SO NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wrote about her earlier HERE.

And today, while searching for some annoying document online, her face popped out!

How could I forget Madam, her regal, imperious attitude, only MONEY, boy!

“u pay!”

That picture of her with her three friends, making the “thumb and forefinger” sign I write so much about – the so called “love” sign – well, it might well be, money = love, as I keep saying in “16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations” – lets face it, a lady needs a lot of money to live – well! – but it also means money universally!

Chinese girls often claim it means “love alone”.

But even they know what the REAL and hidden meaning is. Hehe.

Sophie Ma’am is an older lady, I so love her!

Dominating from the get go, she makes no pretenses about “it’s love”.

It’s money!

And so it SHOULD BE!

How could anyone not look at the picture I just posted on Twitter, and not want to drop down – and WORSHIP!

Here it is again –

See the beauty cam option at the bottom?

Ma’am, I could CARE LESS if you use beauty cam,you’re an OLDER lady you’re so DOMINATING, I can barely TYPE RIGHT NOW!

Your dominant, aggressive, sneering BRATTY mind is what counts.

Your tired sweaty brow is SO SEXY!


Just the whole picture, the attitude, it screams WORSHIP!

Drop down, and send now … BOY!

I dont know, if findom lovers dont see this and start begging instantly, they dont got a pulse.

And along with that, of course – this picture –

NO prizes for guessing who that foot belongs to!

Findom is SUCH A RUSH.

And that is the vein and spirit in which I wrote Submissive Musings – you’ll want to pick these books up NOW.

Pay special attention to the Princess Sherry part as well!


Mike Watson

PS – Ma’am, I just want to press your HEAD all day! You are so TIRED, I am SO, SO SORRY!!!!!!!!!! MADAM, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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