Why sissy fags are often the best “born to suck” – at sucking – DONG!

I dreamt all night last night of sexy dongs with their real man owners.

“Ma’am his package is SO SEXY!” – I kept repeating in my sleep, almost!

And when I woke up, I’ve been seeing nothing but alpha male sexy studs with their long lovely dongs!

Some after workouts – some just with their feet up – so NICE! – reminds me of Garima Ma’am’s black stud with a long thick dong that would rest on his massive balls after they made out, I’d still be SMELLING IT, and his SOLES would stare me in the face as I’d press them, as she snored in his arms, and HE slept like a king too!

With his empty beer bottles nearby to put my pin dick in… but thats a different story!

But anyway – one stud in particuar, so sexy, so manly – his HAIRY muscular chest, his lovely soles, i ain’t even seen his dong fully as yet, but he IS so dominating!

And he works out, and is extra horny after workouts.

I should know.

Master Jerome used to be SO horny after workouts, many an afternoon was spent sucking his dollop even BEFORE Su got home from work – with a finger up his tight lovely ass. 

Then they’d make out again.

And as that is what I want to do right now thinking of all this, put a finger up MY own ass … well, I gotta say this!

Women love sucking cock yes, some.

But most love BEING licked more.

Most love that dong SERVICING them more.

So they should!

But for sissy fags like us, we love sucking so much!

We’d literally write entire books on dongs. 


Wed kiss him, we’d be called gay we’d lick his ass, we’d even do it while he took a DUMP all because of the treasure DANGLING between his legs!

Not to mention, we tend to know it’s not all about what is shown in porn, and bj’s administered that way.

And we also know how horny we get after real workouts. Sitting here after 260 squats, I KNOW!I had to do ’em after seeing all those sexy men by the way, or I’d shoot my wad in pant right now!

We KNOW what real men want.

We KNOW How sexy red lips are, how soft and feminine we like it, exactly HOW men love their dongs sucked!

Thats not to say real men dont want women.

But as I’ve said in Sissy Central, Sissygasm Central and many of my books, sometimes, a real man just wants a blow or fuck without the added pressure.

And sissies are the perfect use and discard outlet for that!

Not to mention, we’ll also lick your ass and love your prostrate like NO-ONE else will.


Life’s fun!

Back soon.


Mike Watson

PS – If you ain’t got the books above, get them NOW. Must read for all sissies reading this.

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