Do I feel a little perverted?

Do you feel a little sick??‍♀️

That is what the initial translation was!

“Madam, sick? Do you mean, crazy?”


Madam responded.


A while ago, she sent me this “a little gay!”.


She is SO NICE!

That was the result of the confession to “Father – or not – Megan”. Hehe.

She is indeed my daddy, isnt she?


But anyway – after translating it several times, I came upon her meaning.


You pervert! You like women’s feet! 

Those perverts that like to suck toes! 

Hehe – I’ve hear d it all before!

But with most of these ladies, that is just the initial statement you have to look past – IF you get it right – which most men dont.

They could feel the vibe from the get go.

Think about it.

When Madam Megan is bored, she adds men randomly – and turns her husband into a sissy, albeit just online.

With me ,of course- its almost at the point I’m sucking dick for her and paying her for it

Truly my pimp Daddy is Madam!

……… and pervert?

I challenge you to find ONE person that doesn’t have these deep, hidden thoughts and desires.

Much like it takes guts to stand on your own doing business, “coming out” takes guts too – so long as it’s done in a reasonable, rational, non aggressive – and most importantly “to each his own” manner!

Those guys sending dick pics on wechat claiming “it’s just for fun” may actually be the real faggotty sorts. Hehe.

Including … ah, but I best not go there!

I’m out – I loved her reaction!

There’ll be more, I’ll keep you posted.

And to get yourself to experience things like this regularly, that humiliation is such a turn on! – Humiliation Central and Sissy Central – the two keys – I should dedicate #2 to Madam Megan, the first, of course, to Princess Joanie already.

Back soon.


Mike Watson

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