“Nice one! You got a prestigous talent”

Strong hands, and more!

Madam Megan sent me a picture of her lovely, STRONG (I noticed that – more on that later) hands this morning.

She (per her own admission) never uses nailpolish, or stopped years ago, and has now restarted.

Somehow, all the praise I keep bestowing upon her, more so every time she sends me pictures of her lovely soles being washed … somehow that has an effect!

“Madam, please paint your fingernails!”

“Madam, please look beautiful and flirt with many men, Madam, you have the right!”

And this morning, when she sent me the photo?

“Madam! So beautiful, so nice, purple looks SO, SO NICE ON YOU!” 

And several other fawning statements, followed by …

“Madam, thinking about our conversation yesterday, why don’t I become a woman too? I can wear a skirt, hold hands, as Carol said, shop together, even go to a gay bar with you … Hehe”.

More on that later, but she was showing me an app the other day that turns men into their sissy versions, and her husband in it!

He’s not a sissy. Hehe.

But she did it anyway.

“I chose the right girl”, I said. I giggled, then corrected myself .. “I mean, the right Madam!”


Anyway …………….. where was I.

Strong hands!

As soon as I said it, the response (predictable) came.

“strong hands are not good for a woman, are they!”

Well, Princess Sophia has “Strong feet“, for one, not elegant, strong – it never dimmed my lust for her any!

And neither should I.

I’d rather REAL – i.e real, broad soles and soles that can kick, stamp, and be DOMINATING in general than the “made up in a beauty parlor” soles, those are lovely too, of course, but if the lady is down to earth and dominating both, it’s so much better!

Like Pooja Memsahib, who KNOWS men exist underfoot!

I heard a strange affirmation from my S.O. the other day, apparently something about waking up, touching the ground once, then saying “I apologize for walking on you and putting my feet on you” – then touching it again – then “Thank you for letting us walk on you” – then – touching it again and “give me a nice day, please!”.

Apparently this, which borders on lunacy to me is supposed to give you a great day!

I dont know so much about that.

But, I’ve written several affirmations that DO work – which are combined and enmeshed with ACTION (As Emerson once said, do the thing, and you shall have the POWER – action is what COUNTS, friend) …

16 INCREDIBLY POWERFUL AFFIRMATIONS to attract FEMDOM to you – like a MOTH to a FLAME  – is the ticket in that regard.

BAck to Megan … Madam Megan!

“Perfect Madam Megan …

Your fingers are so nice ! (she sent me only the little finger with nailpolish, and thumb).

Please paint your middle finger and show me!”

Or, all of your fingers, actually!

Strong hands?

“Madam, they’re great! Strong can be very beautiful too, like your divine soles!

Madam, the stronger the better, you can slap me hard if I dont perform tasks well!”

(and twist my balls well too, hehe. She’s so NICE!)

And of course, those handjobs, when I do get them- as I’ve said before in Sin City Diaries, the “lazy erotic” way is NOT the best way to give a guy a hand job – that works great if the girl wants to be lazy, which she should, or if she’s edging, but handjob?

You grip the dong FIRMLY. Hehe.

Maybe I’ll write Handjob Central and AssWorship Central, two books I have not written as of yet …

Maybe Edging Central too!

Maybe Goon Central too.

So much to do, so little time …

On that note, I saw some comment about “The world accepts white Princesses, but not black and brown”.

I dont know so much about the world.

But to me, they’re all Queens!

Indian, white, Chinese, Asian, African.

The mind is what counts.

And the proof is in the semeny pudding, hehe, and on this site. . .

Madam Megan you’re so perfect!

I kiss your hands, feet, and say thank you anyway, although you said I have a prodigious (she said “prestigious” – translation! Hehe) talent, although I’m not sure what you meant (actually I do know) …

.. Thank you, Ma’am!

You’re so nice!


Mike Watson

PS – If you guys (or gals) have ideas for BOOKS, or products YOU would like to see – shoot me an email. We will make it HAPPEN!

In the meantime, remember to pick up some erotica HERE -and of course, our manuals HERE.

PPS – To turn into the sissy and faggot you’ve always wanted to, fawning, gooning, simping and more over women that LAUGH at you – do what is outlined in Sissy Central and Sissy-gasm Central, and like so many of YOU- you will never look back. These two are silent bestsellers – there is a REASON, a damn good one, sissy!

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