Twitter found THIS offensive…

I should say, the “Gods” – or perhaps “Goddesses”, hehe – at Twitter!

This is the link to the tweet, below it I was seeing the “we have placed a warning on this content as it might be offensive” message…

Now, I dont get it!

I posted the following –

What a Queen and Goddess!

And that is what I posted in my tweet too, I’d say it anyday, because it’s true! Just look at Ma’am, so RELAXED! (as it should be. Hehe).

And of course, I got this from Twitter –

We put a warning on this Tweet because it might have sensitive content.

Interesting, those lovely DONGS and cock heads I’ve been posting, those didnt get the message!


Always interesting to see how these filters work – Google Books, for some reason, also seems to find some of my foot pictures “offensive!”.

So does Amazon on occasion. So, Cock Worship For Sissies and Faggots is only available, as are some of my other books on OUR site, no others!

Interesting to see what passes through, what doesnt, and while I do understand some of this is a grey area, end of the day?

Hey, Madam is relaxing with her feet up, I’d rather that be permanently put in the DB as “not offensive!” . Hehe.

I gotta tell the other lady that too, remember, the one I wrote to you about?

That was saying another girl posting her feet on the table, soles in full view “can someone please tell her to put her feet down”, and then how I kept telling her “Madam, but thats how it should be!”

Of course, given her responses to my comments, Madam knows thats how it should be!

As for me, the lady above is a Queen and Goddess, I’d rather my tweet be called offensive, I’d stare at her soles ALL DAY LONG!

And I’d worship her – and them!

So thats that for this one. I didnt appeal the warning, somehow I dont think it would do much good. Hehe.

Anyway, follow me on Twitter if you aren’t already, you’ll love my posts!

And pick up some of our great, great books while you’re at it.

You will love ’em (if you’re truly into femdom!).


Mike Watson

PS – One of the ladies I have not mentioned enough here is Garima Madam … JI!

The two books on her, Garima Madam’s bitch – and Garima Madam- the Prequel – are both worth their weight in GOLD and then some.

Trust, along with Pooja Memsahib, you’ll want to get these now.

Especially the Prequel which gives you such a great glimpse into HOW Madam became the dominant force of Nature she was always meant to be …

And of course, Princess Joanie too – she is like a younger Chinese version of Pooja Memsahib JI!

All so nice…

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