So beautiful, so hypnotic!

And that it was – is!

This morning, I saw one of the most beautiful things ever – one of the most beautiful videos!

A lovely lady sucking, kissing, licking … a long black (and thick!) cut – DONG!

It was such a sexy dong too!

The guy was on his back, the girl on her stomach, and her soles were showing too, you know, that pose when a girl is sucking cock, ENJOYING IT (which is key!) – and her soles are flirting up and down!

so- NICE!

It’s like sissy conditioning for cuckolds, faggots and sissies…

And while cocks in general can be hypnotic, there was something about the way she was enjoying the dick that made my day!

I could literally look into her eyes all day as she sucked, and I’d beg to kiss her – and the dong – later!

The guy was interestingly enough wearing jewelry I myself wear. Hehe.

But anyway …

That was, as I told Princess Lucy (of course, I had to send it to her first!!) – so beautiful, so hypnotic!

Most of all, the unspoken message behind the blowjob.

That being, THIS cock deserves to be served and worshipped, boy, NEVER YOURS!

Know your place, sissy, she might as well have said as she stares directly into your eyes while her tongue flicks that lovely cockhead!

And for a change, it wasn’t one of those “furiously bobbing up and down blowjobs” either.

Thats shown so often in porno, but its NOT the right way to do it, my friend.

Giving a blowjob – and serving, and sucking dick – and worshipping it – is an ART FORM.

And the soooner you sissies, bozos and faggots out there reading this understand this and know your place – the BETTER!

Get to it NOW.


Mike Watson

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