Washing Madam Megans feet

Megan …

Madam Megan … ?

Perfect Madam Megan …


It all sounds so nice!


And that was in response to my question of “Madam, can I give you an English name”?

She added me as so often happens out of the blue on wechat, and of course, as always happens, I was BOWLED over by Madam’s dominant vibe!

No picture, nothing, just two kids in the profile picture (her kids).

She’s a housewife.


That nature, the way she spat out all her questions, hehe.

Remember, boy!

As I keep saying in “16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations” – SHE can – and should – and will!- ask you all the questions she wants, but YOU cannot, boy, and she won’t answer until she wants to!

“Madam, a man’s place is always under a woman’s shoe!”

Initially, the response was plaid.

I dont think so, said Madam!

Then I explained.

“I dont necessarily mean physically underfoot, I mean in all ways, Ma’am!”

A small giggle came.

The femdom beast had been unleashed, hehe.

And there’s no going back.

“You really mean under feet!”

Yes, Ma’am, I do!

And as she spoke about housework, cooking etc, I sought to assure her it’s not – never is – her job!

Later that night she sent me a picture of her feet – herself, without me asking – in a foot bath!


Madam, I so wish I was washing your feet for you!

And I will, most likely one day.

Women that send you pictures of their feet, my friend – without asking – the dominant vibe is SO there.

They KNOW – from the get go!

“Madam, I’m so lucky you added me!” 

And that I am!

I haven’t even seen her face, well, I saw it today – dominant uptilt to the  lips and cheeks, that HAUGHTY nature on full display, and Madam dressed as an “angel”.

All so nice, really!

And I just want to drop down, press her feet, buy her things, massage her, of course, do the housework too!

“Can you teach me English!” 

She went.

Of course, for free, Madam!

She’s SO NICE!

Chinese women are so naturally dominating, as I’ve said in “A complete guide to attracting dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland“.

And it’s a pity so many men fail at attracting true and real femdom when it shouldn’t be that way.

Follow the tips in the book above, you’ll see.

And remember – real life and fiction – often go together, and are the same. Hehe.

Be sure to grab some of our spellbinding books on Chinese femdom – truly reality mixed in with a dab of creative license, NOT the other way around!

Paye Lagu, Madam Megan. Thank you so much!


Mike Watson

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