Is the word “Ma’am” always necessary?

Or sir, or other honorifics…

They add a certain dimension to play, I’ll tell you that!

And sometimes, it just feels right!

But to me … I dont know, some guy just because he says “Ma’am” – doesn’t necessarily mean he respects women, or anyone, or wants to be dominated, or not …

In some cultures, the subcontinent for one, apparently “Ma’am” and “Sir” is used for everyone beyond a certain age if you dont know the person.

The subcontinent is indeed a land of strange and fascinating contradictions – when you get to know the person, apparently the term “Tu” (which is a “rude” way of saying you in hindi, and I’ve no doubt other languages in India and the subcontinent like Bengali have equivaents) is commonly used.

I dont know, to me, I’d rather say it politely no matter who is in front of me, a maid or someone I dont know, or my best friend – which in the subcontinent, of course, I dont have …

But that is me!

The “it’s culture” response will no doubt come back, so … I’ll pass.

But anyway, I remember my first book when I actually worked with a publishing house to get it done.

I used so many honorifics in my first book. Perfect Madam, Perfect Mistress, and so forth …

And my Editor told me some of that might be “overkill” (not really that, but he said it might not be necessary).

Well, I dont know!

In all subsequent books … I’ve done the over kill thing, and it works great, because its about feeling, the vibe, the situation, not just the word!

But in that book, he rightly said you can just use “Ms”.

Which is what I used for Ms Priyanka aka Perfect Madam Jyoti! Hehe.

But later on, as you progress through the series, the Hindi (learning) and honorifics etc all come out … so nicely!

I dont know, look at that idiot Glyn Schofield in Brum for one, the troll who keeps pestering women with horrid messages late at night and gets blocked all the time, then whines to my friend (the fitness guy) about it.

“can i be your servant maam”

Just reading this makes me want to puke, I can just imagine what the poor girl, he doesnt even know her thinks…

Just pukeworthy … but what you’d expect of an idiot and troll a “lunatic par excellence” as a friend once commented on him.

But anyway, words have a VIBE behind them.

If you’re feeling SEXY, and experiencing raging LUST while writing something, such as I did with ALL my books and manuals, chances are excellent and second to none the reader will feel it, regardless of words, or emoticons on IM, or what not … 

(if you’re feeling angry, or “blah!” – chances are the reader will feel THAT TOO)  (and so on and so forth)

Its about the vibe, my friend.

Thats one key I point out ALL The time in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China“, and truth be told, it works for ALL situations, not just attracting femdom into your life!

One of my most popular books, in it I also tell you that you have to be NORMAL.

sometimes, even the most dominant and submissive of people can sit down together, have a drink normally!

It’s all about VIBES, the nice FEELING – hence my constant use of the word “nice” which people have asked why I keep using, and so forth …

Anyway – I gotta go workout.

So I’ll sign off for now – but before that –

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Back soon!!!


Mike Watson

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