Cleaning Esha Ma’ams boots with my SHIRT!

She is so NICE!

I think that was the actress I watched the other day when I wrote to you about a movie with a “super cop” in it – speaking a perfect blend of REAL MAN TALK and looking sexy like a dominating, controlling woman does and should (though really, it’s all about the MIND!) – and wearing jeans, boots, and kicking male asses everywhere, going to the gym, she’s so NICE!

Ma’am, thank you!

And I researched her a bit on the internet.

Remember, beyond what Ms Priyanka taught me, and even then, I was crouched staring at her soles and legs, not the movie, she drank and enjoyed, while I pressed her legs (like with Su Ma’am!!!!!!!!!!!!!) – I dont know much at all about Bollywood (India movies).

Hollywood either, to be honest. I dont watch many movies, except the ones in my heads !(both heads, hehe).

Sissy and brain both!

But one comes from the other…

But anyway, as I saw Madam being oh so dominating, in a position of POWER, sneering away, her sensual dominance so NICE – I just wanted to – well, as I told you, lick her boots, but also wipe them clean with my shirt!

The ultimate public humiliation, isnt it?

I once told Madam Sophia I should be polishing her shoes!

With my shirt.


“It would be nice if you could do it publicly!” 

Yes, Ma’am!

And this lady “Esha” is apparently an Indian model, film actress and such a – past Miss India winner, and a dominant bratty lady at times (so NICE!) – NOT scared to do “bold shoots” and so forth, and one that says.

“If someone slaps me, I’m strong, I’ll slap them back TWICE!”

Ma’am, I’d pay for you to slap me, honestly!

You’re just too nice, thank you so much.

But anyway …

I’ve been haunches up as well as of late!

Waiting for that lovely black cock to come use me.

Put his dick in my hole, USE my body, give HIM pleasure … and me too!

I’d leak all day with his cock in me!

And he’s get pleasure like never before from my TIGHT sissy hole.

Truly, being used, and abused – is so NICE!

I should be kissing all dominant men and women’s feet right about now, just for that, just for being born!

Thank you – SO MUCH, Sir, Ma’am!

And I receive this email …

Dear Sir(Madam):

Dear, we find that your blog style is very consistent with the promotion goal of our website, so we want to reach a promotion cooperation relationship with you. We hope you can have a look at our company profile and cooperation content.

We are an online wholesale and retail products as one, we have our own factory, clothing, shoes, wigs, outdoor sports, engaged in wholesale and retail for 20 years, covering the whole Europe and the United States import and export.

Based on the principle of equality, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, we sincerely invite you to promote our products and look forward to having a long term collaboration with you.

Now, this was apparently sent for Miss V owned fitness site – you know, THAT ONE!

I dont know why Mike Watson got the email – well, I do.

But the person didnt leave his or her name, their company profile etc.

Spam, you’d say.


But it’s a dominating Chinese woman writing it. I can feel it!

So, I replied to her…

Dear Sir (Madam) is what she said. 

I replied with “dear Madam“.


So prosaic, all so true, I love it!

Paye Lagu, Madam. You’re SO nice!


Mike Watson

PS – NO other way to live than by being a simp for Ma’am, so NICE!

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